1:03 PM | 10-12-15

So, it’s my Birthday this weekend; and while I still feel like I am 22, and refuse to believe I am actually an adult responsible for paying bills , making decisions, working and earning a paycheck week after week-I still cannot believe it is that time of year again. Its time to celebrate another year gone by of life and celebrate with those around me. While I am looking forward to the occasion, I sometimes wonder if I should be more thankful. We never know when out last day will be, and I keep thinking, what if I run out of time? What if I never get to do all the things I planned and wanted to do before my time is up. I know we are all put on this earth for a reason, one great purpose. I just wish I knew what mine was? I want to make an impact, I want to help, I want to educate. I want someone to relate with myself and find that encouragement with my words and experiences and go out and “make it happen” –find their purpose. As we all are, I hope. There are so many terrible things that happen and I can only suspect that these things occur because people simply forget what they are trying to figure out, what we are all in search for. Our purpose, our reason for being. We stumble off course at times, but those are the decisions and consequences that shape our lives. If we never stumbled, if we never tripped, we would never learn to step more carefully, to watch more effectively, to be aware of our surroundings. The world is not all clouds and cupcakes, and I have fallen and tripped enough through my roads to know and understand this. One day, maybe on an idle Birthday, I will pave one of my roads. I will know why I am here, why I was put on this earth. I am excited to come upon that day, I am excited to master my craft. Til then, I will have a glass of wine, enjoy my friends and family, and keep stumbling and tripping-and learning those important life lessons that while we don’t necessarily “like”—it is comforting to look back and know all that we have achieved, all that we have overcome-and know we are still ok :) So cheers to me, and cheer to you! Another year I got through! On to the next!

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