The Canadian Goose
2:02 PM | 05-06-16

Sometimes its hard understanding or even imagining what another person is going through or what their background is. Why does someone act the way they do? Why are they the way they are? Outside of my apartment, there is a Canadian goose. I have watched her for weeks as she swam around in the pond. Over the past two weeks she has been sitting a nest she has created. Day after day I have watched her, checking on her really. I have watched her sit on that nest for days and days without moving, even at night. I came across her late at night while walking the dogs and I quite literally “forgot” about her until I heard this violent HISS come from a dark spot next to the lake. I jumped and remembered that was her spot. It has rained, poured actually, as much as it looked like the rain was actually coming from the ground up, and there she would be, laying on her nest. It made me wonder, through all the cold nights, through the pouring rain, with absolutely no shelter, she has braved her way through that commitment. Her nest, her post, if you will. It made me think, why? What if? Is there an egg? Are there two? What if the egg never hatches? What if a predator attacks her or the presumable eggs at her and their vulnerable state? But that’s the thing, to her, it doesn’t matter. Right now, laying on that nest is the most important thing to her, and even if there are no eggs, even if the eggs (s) never hatch, she will know she had done her job. She had done what was requested of her. Even if there is no happy ending, even if it was all a waste, she will know she did everything she could to be loyal to the task.

I gained quite a bit of respect for her over the past weeks, while I would try and leave bread for her, she would never take it, the rain never swept her away, and she never gave up. The thing is, in life, we are asked to do a lot of things we would rather not do. Sit on a tropical island or pick up the city’s trash? We all know which one we would pick. However, if no one ever did the dirty jobs, or the ones that were the most difficult, where would we be today? Even the jobs or the tasks where there is absolutely no reward, or compensation for, those seem to be the jobs that are the most rewarding in so many ways.

My Dad passed away 7 years ago today, and my heart aches every single day. Today more so than any other day. The thing is, if I had known I would have to go through this, would I change the relationship I had with my Dad? No. Sadly, this is a part of life. Weathering through the difficult times when there may never be an end in sight, continuing to do what I need to day in and day out. I miss him so very much, and while I know nothing will bring him back, I have to believe in that light at the end of the tunnel. That hope, I will someday see him again. I do however hope he is happy wherever he is, I hope he knows he was a wonderful father and I laughed harder than any child ever could growing up. I look forward to those happy times again with him someday, until then I will continue to handle those unpleasant tasks, work, do my best, and try my hardest. Cheers to you Dad & I love you. XOXO

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