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I may of mentioned this before. If i have and i am repeating myself I*m sorry, but maybe i am repeating my self because of its importance. I went out to eat with a friends last night and had a lovely dinner. We were sitting in a wonderful small authentic italian restaurant when I couldnt help myself but think what a wonderful night it was. Eating good food with a good friend and enjoying the atmosphere around me. One person in particular. The owner, and main chef. I was told he only makes the "spacials" for the night. Thats it, and, he only makes a certain amount. SO, if you want the black linguinie, with calamary, and shrimp, and its gone by dont get it. FIrst come, first serve. I was lucky enough to get it! Anyway, what made me admire this man is that he was in his late 60's, and talked with everyone in the restaurant like he had know them forever, kisses on the cheek goodbye, hugs, and thankyous. He came to our table and litterally tore off a hunk of bread from our basket and dipped it into my sauce from me plate to taste his creation. It was just such an insight on how he truly loves his craft and his food. He nodded with approval and said "not bad". I however knew it was much better than that.
The thig is, this man had pasion. It doesnt matter what a person has pasion for, the point have a deep love for something. Anything. I beleive your amount for pasion for something measure your depth of character.
Last night I told this story to Brandon, and after i was done, instead of giving an insight or questions, or any interest to my little story, it was a blank silence. It annoyed me. Because you see, i am beginning to meet people who dont seem "alive" alive in a way that they are running on something inside instead of the basic movements of everyday life. I beleive everyone should have more...more inside them, a will...a will to do something they love and appreciate for themselves. We must all give that to eachother. So when someone tell youa great story...tell you a great night of stories..and you just sit there...its basically a cold hard kick, saying they cant appreciate a great moment...or an experience that you felt you was worth to share. annoyed. im annoyed how people have just fallen ill to this, and their light has gone dim. with so much saddness and lack of hope right now, it would be nice if people could try and shine their light a little brighter for those who need it.

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