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5:32 PM | 12-06-08

Every since the day I was born, i had a dog. Nibbles, a mutt, gray and dark black dog used to lay infront of the stairs when I was a baby so I wouldnt crawl up them. When my mom and I would leave he would often chase after our of car on the side of the road. At ten years old, on the 4th of July, Nibbles died. It was the very first time I had cried so hard it became hard for me to breath in my life. I remember knowing the feeling of loss, and had never lost anything or anyone so dear to me in my lifetime. A few months later, thru skating, we had met a family who were about to be selling yokshire terriors. They had one girl and two boys, and my mom had spoken for the girl, for me, as my new puppy. I was thrilled. The night before we were supposed to get her, my mom called the family asking if we could come that night, we jsut couldnt wait any longer. The drive to their house seemed liked forever..I remember waiting in the car...waiting forever. Finaly we had gotten there. And there was my brown eyed girl, named Chelsea. We were told that was her puppy name and we could change it if we wanted, but never seemed to come up with anything but what she was always called. She was the alpha of the litter, weighing more than her brothers, at 5 lbs, she was as lively as ever. The happiest dog I had ever seen. I remember neighbors saying how happy she always was, she was just so beautiful. She had dark black, tan medium fur and her bright brown eyes were just magnetic. She was a perfect puppy. Throughout the years of my growing up I went through alot. Birthday parties, christmas's, boyfriends, friends, sleepovers, cats, bunnies, graduations, colleges, and 16 years of growing up. Last around 3am, i got an email from my mom on my blackberry. Chelsea had died. After a long brave fight she had finally succomed to her age and passed away. I sat up and talked to my mom for awhile and cried thinking about how much i will miss her lil body around the house. She was an amazing member of our family and I will miss her terribly. She was the last who had met my late grandmother, and had met so many other of dear friends in my life past, and present. I will miss her so much. Sometimes I like to think all my pets are in heaven, back in their glory days when everything worked, and bones didnt ache. They are all running and fetching and playing like they did and waiting till we can all be together again. Id liek to think that is true. I have faith that it is. This Christmas, as always my mom and I will see a movie, I have no doubt it will be Marley and Me, and I will be thinking of Chelsea, every minute...and probably a great deal everyday for a very long time, if not forever.

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Date: 12-06-08
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