2004...tad after
8:59 PM | 01-02-04

SOOOO...it*s 2004. Yippee...yah well not so much. I went to the bar last night with some old friends, brandon, his gf, mark, and becky. I gotta say, i had fune. Brandon told me all about his new years eve and how they apprently called me which i dont beleive but FINE. They had a limo for marks B-day and cruised toall the bars...lucky bastards. So yah, sitting at the bar was a great idea...had fun with the bartender thats for sure. he was drunker than hell and him watching me TRY and make me a cosmopolitan made my night. This was our convo, briefly...

"What can i get ya" -bartender

"A cosmopolitan" -me

*Bartender retrieves a HOW TO book on making drinks* 10 minutes pass

"ummmm how ya doin over there slick? By the way it starts with a "C" hunny"

*Drink arrives*

"Well you got the color right, but hunny this is NOT a cosmopolitan" -me

"I guarantee whatever i left out i put something even better in there" -bartender

"oh christ." -me

KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cocktail Glass 2 1/2 oz Absolut Citron

1/2 oz Cointreau

Splash Cranberry

Splash Lime

Stir - Garnish with Lemon Twist

Anyway, had a nice lil time...passed out in my bed at 10:30PM....wow...started drinking at 7:30 though...so. It was pretty fun.

Anyway, BAD and sorenson came ovr today unannounced JUSt as I was getting into the shower. i swear to gawd i almost killed him. After i got ready Sorenson was telling me about how he fuhked some girl that one of his friends (player on the hockey team as well) really liked...on his bed...new years eve.....soooo when his friend found out fuhked some girl sorenson liked to get even. Holy gawd...was I this bad when I was 18?? i have to check the sex files on that, but I*m pretty sure I waasn*t holy lord. I then persisted to ask what dear lil BAD did....apparently he did nothing but make fun of 14 year olds. Yah right. BAD always tells me TRO before HOES...so i have to wonder when he pulled up to my house today how long of a talk he had to have with sorenson to make sure nothing that he did slipped out. MEN...i swear. Actually, boys. They suck...After our lil sex convo BAD decided we were long overdue for a good wholesom fight to the death. These are fights BAD and i get into, we di this instead of flirting. Instead we beat the shit outta eachother. Biting, Kicking, poking eachothers chest, punching...all of these are all fair game. We chase eachother around the house and pin eachother till we*re screaming...he kisses me sometimes...and hugs me so tight. It*s so weird...i wanna beleive so much...but i ave no evidence..and really, should i even think about that, why shoudl I need evidence...in a relationship, you have to have trust. And there zilch in this one....imaginary trust, yes. But is that enough? Anyway, after they left I started cleaning like mad. Megs is finally gone for the weekend and I*m enjoying it thouroughlly. Cant spell it, dont bitch. Anyway, I cleaned and bleched the bathroom, vacuumed, lit candels, had a lovely day. Dancing around in my underwear was a particularily high point. shuddup everyone does it. *Smielz* So here i am watching sex and the city, my fav show, and hoping maybe he*ll stop by

again...why do i want what i cant have...and know what i want isnt good for me. *sigh* he has a game tomorrow...and i know i could find someone to go with..but....should i go? grrrrr.....prolly not....dammit i dunno.....fuhk....okay peace out! *MUAH*


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