Christmas 2003
3:34 PM | 12-25-03

One of these days someone is going to have to explain to me how men are capable of being such bastards over the holidays. I swear to gawd. I get myself into this and i get so far in, it*s liek impossible to get out of. I knwo don*T if I shoud stay here over new years. I*m leaning towards no. This place blowz, It*s weird how all the people from highschool are here, but we dont hang out becuase none of us have anything in common anymore. Well It*s Christmas...soo....this morning I awoke to my cell phone ringing at 6AM. It was my mum from downstairs calling me from her cell phone to come open presents. Dork. My mum told me later that I was alot more fun when I was little. I agree. I stumbled down stairs and gulped two juiceboxes down. I got alot of cool stuff. Including this necklace that has charms on it that say Love, Live, Dance, and so on. Hard to explain, but on the back they say the that quote. Love, like you*ve never been hurt, Dance, like no one looking. It*s really cute. The rest is the usual stuff. I then went back to bed. 10AM, I awoke to my room filled with light. I went downstairs to take Denalli out. It was SOOO awesome out. There I was in the middle of the road with another bloody juicebox (I swear those juiceboxes are going to be the end of me) I threw denalli*s ball around, and looked around. No one....just blankets of snow, and the sun shining bright. Everything was eluminated. I can*t remember it being this pretty. I couldnt beleive it. I then went to Dad*s to open the rest of the presents, which by the way are usually the most hideious things brought to me in creation. I take bets on the presents....last year I got this brown knit shirt with suede patches on it. I swear it was the color of poo, and i dont think i could have given it away. There*s a shelf in my closet for gifts like these...they all have there tags still attatched. BUT this year, I was udderlly amazed to find two envelopes. and ONE present. Could it be, have they come to there sences?? YES...two gifts cards...totalling a whopping 100 bones....better than gawd can only imagine....not like it matters that MY family gives like 300 to there family, but who cares. And, one oversized fleece thing. ONE one dud....holy hell...amazement. It*s gettin better...I was expecting SOOO much worse. I came home to find Ricky here...talked for a bit asked how his move to appleton was...all is good....he*s finally forced to stay away from drugs, including coke (which im not to happy about) becuase of drug tests. Thankgawd..the coke thing is rediculous. Mum, Rick, and I are going to see Cheaper By the Dozen at 7 so that will be interesting. So for now, I am enjoying the 24 hours of "A Christmas Story" my fav christmas movie BTW...and just vegging out on mum*s turkey, mashed potatoes, and so on. SWEEEET....Hope Everyone has very Merry Lil Christmas and all those fun lil things. *MUAH*

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