Another Thanksgiving
10:28 PM | 11-28-03

Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving was nice, went to the movies with mum like always, and saw "Love Actually" cute lil movie...but a tad confusing. Anyway, I*m in luv with the lil kid in it. SOO cute. The movie kinda made me drepressed though, thinking about all these lil love stories and how someone is always after someone, chasing, doing all they can to get to them. Somehow, I don*t think this is the case with me. Weird. I feel like I am always doing all the chasing...and exploring...and when I turn around to see if anyone is behind me when I run away, no one is ever there. BAD didn*t call all weekend, nice of him. And, I didn*t do much at home either. Hung the christmas lights with Ricky, almost fell off the roof (again) and got up to go shopping this morning at 5:30 AM! Fell down the stairs, (cuz I*m cool like that) and messed up my back BAD. lovely. Got the Christmas tree up too :) House looks so warm and cozy, I putzed around the house toay in my pajamas and slippers and played with denalli. Not looking forward to driving home tomorrow. I don*t wanna go home, I used to luv it there, but now it*s like I*m dreading it. Things are so messed up and soooo stressful. Exams are commin up, I have 50 billion things to do before that...lab reports, papers, tests, JUST to name a FEW!! Then there*s the fact of all my lil traveling....good gawd, Tony*s rugby baquet thing is this weekend...and I super duper promised I would that should be cool. AND, y surgery is slowing but surely approaching. SOOOOO nervous. I knwo this sounds so retarded...but I keep thinking...gawd...what if it looks bad? What if I get addicted to plastic surgery? I know this isn*t like REALLY plastic surgery, but it*s close. Goin under the knife and removing my body stuff that I have grown all on my own. FREAKY MAN!!! No more boobs :( It*s a good thing I know, no more pain, but I sometimes look down and wonder is it REALLY that bad?? Do I really want this? Somedays I do, more than others, and some I am happy with my body. I spose, do it now or never, it*s only gonna get worse. Welp, I guess that*s all I have to report. Peace out... *smilez*

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Date: 11-28-03
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