death to oakleys 2nd pair
10:08 PM | 11-26-03

Sometimes, not a WHOLE lot...but sometimes I meet people who I think I have come to know over time, but later, realize I am completly wrong. I sometimes make myself beleive they are someone else, another character, when really they are nothing like that. Today I awoke to my roomate bitching to all hell about Denalli my dog, ever realize when you hate someone or something EVERYTHING annoys the hell outta you about them. I think my roomate has some serious issues with my lil pal denalli and will not stop. I guess that*s her problem, cuz...well...there are circumstances that just cant change. You look beyond everything else in your life just to find the hate in the one thing you despise. She is having no problem doing so. Oh well...Denalli however suprised me today by eating and deforming my favorite $130 pair of powder blue oakleys (my trademark).....looking at my brittled sad lil deformed posession litterally almost put me in tears. Almost has a ceremony outside for them. Instead of extreme dramatic episodes, i went flying around Marquette looking desperatly for another pair...this will be the 3rd pair of the exact sunglasses. Anyway, i wanted them before i drove home. Sadly, none in town, but they did however have some where I was going to in houghton so yay for me. So I was blinded by the sun the whole way home, oh well, I have contacts. Haha...So i got home, got my glasses...(yay) and a SWEET pair of Burton mittens...hella sweet...all paid for by the curtisy of my daddy...thanksgiving prezzies...LUV IT! I am all bedder. *Smilez* Sorry I luv my oakleys. So now I am home...thinking about tings I shouldnt. I keep waiting for something that is never going to happen. I talked to Sam last night for a while about a certain someone and kinda prioritised my friend list. I realized that I have alot of EXTREMELY great friends who I know that would bend over backwards for me if I needed them to, and well, I also have some not so great friends. Some stand out more than others at this present time. One in particular. AHEM...and I*m just gonna say this person is a pretty sucky friend. I thought I knew who they were, and beleived that maybe they were what I wanted them to be, but Sam kinda helped me realize, they aren*t. Sad...*tear* but I gotta get over it and move the hell on. I may not be worth it to some people, I may piss some peopel off, but I know at the end of the day I have a chosen few in my life that I do truly care about, and well...that*s enough for me. I can*t always wait for the ones to show their affection. Maybe they are at dofferent places in there life, maybe they will never move, but me, I am moving...moving on...and moving forward. SWEEEEET!!! So there it is...and for the record...I liek this song. hehe.....peaceout...I am going to be dreaming of turkey and mountains of mashed potatoes...woooooo-hooooo!!!!

Curtis Stigers--To Be Loved

Mind your manners

Watch your weight

Be a good boy

Just behave

What's wrong with you?

Settle down.

Keep your two feet on the ground.

Stand up straight

Sit up tall

Never falter

Never fall

Stay in school

Make the grade

Never fail

And never fade

Be a hero

Be a star

Anything but what you are

Find a girl to possess

Always pay, pursue, protect

Be a master

Be a slave

Work your ass into an early grave

But you deserve to be loved

You deserve something real

Time to heal

Time to feel

Daddy's favorite little girl

Dress up in your momma's pearls

Serve us breakfast in her bed

Heard a little kiss on the forehead

You are sugar

You are spice

You are growing up so nice

Paint your nails

Paint your face

Paint around the empty space

Find a man that can provide

Try and fill the hole inside

With a family and a home

Tell yourself you're not alone

Keep your memories of yourself

In a shoebox on a closet shelf

But you deserve to be loved

You deserve something real

Time to heal

Time to feel

But you deserve to be loved

You deserve something real

Time to heal

Time to feel

You deserve to be loved

You deserve to be loved

You deserve to be loved

DiRty StuFf || All ClEaN!!


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