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6:29 PM | 07-23-03

i*m back from my trip. I had to drive my mum to Green Bay for her eyes to be looked at before her surgery. Thinking this was going to be one of the worst experiences of my life, it actually wasn*t. Not at all. Though we had our short disagreements in the good ol marshmellow (my explorer) we managed to have a good time. Only got lost 3 times. One of things I don*t think I will ever forget what happened this morning. My mum and I went to IHOP, my fav place to eat breakfast and while we were sitting there, mum eating and telling me stories of my late grandma (my mums mum who dies 10 years ago) and me, playing with my not so good food...why I don*t know. She said something that could never mean as much as it would have if she told me ten years ago. My mum luved her mum, more than anything, and I know, even though it was 10 years ago that she died, it still hurts her terribly. Then she said, "I miss my mum so much, I miss eating breakfast with her, we always used to eat breakfast, she*s my second favorite person in the world" Without even thinking, and thinking I was talking to someone other than my mother for one second, I asked "Who*s your favorite" Without a second breath she said "You" without even looking from her plate. I just sat there, and realized I had known the answer, but for some reason needed to hear it. I never felt so luved in my life. My mum went on telling me why she luved having me and though I wasn*t planned, and even though I have two older brothers, she knows they don*t need her. She said she knew I would always need her in some small way, and she would always need me in more ways then she was willing to admit.

These are the moments I will remember forever, and will be telling my children some day about those heart to heat talks I had with my mum that one trip to WI.

In other news: I had a dream, about Dave (DMB) it was weird, sorry if this seems abit "holey" it was a dream you know. Anyway, the whole band came over, and they were all at my house in Marquette. Why they were staying I have no clue. ANyway they stayed for a few days, and ate all my food (like I cared) and played in the living room, so we just jammed. I remember it was important to like keep it under wraps that they were there because of the media and the people. So one night I guess people found out they were staying at my hosue and like a whole bunch of people came to my house and we had a party witht he daves mathew band there. it was soooo sweet. Then some car came to pick them up cuz people found out and I remember them all signing something for me, the whole band. And they looked at me and was like "you go sell that on E-Bay, that*ll be worth a ton" and I was liek HELL NO!!! So they dropped liek 5 grand to me to pay for my services. So sweet...SUCH a great dream.

Also, met these cool people at the mall in Appleton, so cool. How*s I meet them? Almost too embarrassed to say. But I will. So I*m in Express trying on like 60 things of clothes and my mum outside and just as I came out for her to zip something up, I went back in and then before I know it, my mum is telling some stranger about my breast reduction surgery. I was like, "For crying out loud mum! you don*t need to inform the whole bloody dressing room about my surgery!!!" I came out to find her talking to anothetr lovely girl (aaprox28) blabbing about how she really wanted the surgery as well. So, what happens? We are talking to this ladies whole bloody family about breast reduction surgery. her hot husband (really hot) her two kids and her. I gotta say, it was pretty cool, wish I woulda gave her my card cuz these people really were nice. Leave it up to my mum to talk to strangers about the most imbarrassing thing yet to happen in my life. That*s why I luv her though, gawd knows she puts up with enough of my weird moments.

Well that*s allI have now, I had a great trip, I learned a lot, and I finished my book Embrassing Men, by the way GREAT BOOK, is WAY too much like my life though! Yah-hooo!!!!!!!!!! Back in marquette tomorrow!

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