bruises fade
10:36 PM | 07-31-03

My life has been pretty good so far, i have been thinking alot about how I can get my life back in track and have that goal to work towards. Today it happened. I changed my major. A huge decision, but one that was long over due to be made. I have making alot of changed in my life, and while some of the choices I have made havnt always been the rght ones, and has led me to a place I did not ever want to be...I have to say, I am happy where I am now. I am now a writing major with two undecided minors. Haha...and I will graduate in two years. I know that major is something people tend to shrug and think "they*ll never find work" but I*m different. My advisor taught me alot today about things, things I knew that i knew but couldnt relaly get a handle on what was there. He reminded me that money is just paper, and what we do in school may have nothing to do with what we will be doing in the future. You must always plan for the unplanned. And he couldnt be more right. I knwo what I need, an I know what I have to do, I just needed the direction to get tjere, and now I have that, so I am on my way. I have thought about Jason alot lately, about some great memeories and some not so good ones. My mum was right though. More than she*ll ever know. She told me that in time, with every relationship, and after its ending, you will only remember the good times. When she said it then, it didnt mean as much as it does now. I have alot of great memories with alot of really great people. And while they may have not worked out I am greatful for the things I have learned and the battle scars I have earned from each situation. Because through it all, all the tears, torture, and sad times, I have become a better person and much stronger. I am prepared for what may or may not work out, and know there will be more disappointments in my life, but there will also be opportunitiy. So while I may still have my bruises, I still have the memories, and they aren*t all bad *Smilez*

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