Hair cut & More
9:30 PM | 05-16-03

"Did you get a haircut?"

"No, 6 inches of blonde hair just fell outta my head, just like that! It was the damndest thing!"

Aren*t I a sweet girl? yah my long blonde hair that I have had since I graduated from Highschool is gone. It is cut just aboce my shoulders and dyed dark brown with blonde and red highlights. *think Kelly Clarkton* Like that...took a bit for my to get used to. I keep looking inthe mirror asking myself who the hell is that? I needed a change. A big change. I*ve always always had really blonde hair, and I was just sick of it. So I*m happy.

Weird thing happened to me last night. I was thinking about the EX....alot...for some reason. Kept me awake for awhile which got me thinking. So I said some prayers. To the librarian who died recently of her long battle of cancer, to my family and friends, and that I could, in the future, get the chance to talk to Jason again. I must have drifted I usually do in the middleof my prayers, and woke up this morning remembering my dream. I dreamt I talked to Jason. We were in a parking lot. We were talking and kissing, and I was stubborn as I would imagine I would be. He wanted me back, and I was being hesitant. Not refusing any of those kisses was weird. Misty (new girlfriend) was there too. She didnt really care either that Jason and I were talking. I swear I woke up wondering if it really happened. And when I realized for that instant that it had happened I felt so good. And then, I relaized it didnt happen. It was such a feeling of disapointment I can*t even explain it. It was just weird. I wonder if god really listened to my prayers and felt bad for me, so he let it happen in my dreams. So, does this mean it will never happen in real life? And if it does, will it feel like a dream? One of those things I don*t think I*ll ever get the answer to. I*m listening to "green apples" right now by Chantal (can*t spell her name for the life of me) It was played after Jen (last episode Of Dawson*s Creek died. really pretty song. Keeps me silent and happy. Well, party at Chris*s camp, them I*m off,back to Marquette. Megan is gonna die when she sees my hair. Just die, haha...seeing everyone*s face is so worth it. Haha...lata



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