10:44:08 | 2001-03-06

I went to bed last night late....well I laid in my bed till god knows when. Rachael (who lives with me) kept asking me why I was figeding and moving around all my blankets. I never answered her. I*m sorry but when I*m stressed out i can never sleep. I kept punching my pillow, moving my blanklets, getting up, getting water, swallowing tylenol for some unknown reason (for once) because the pain wasn't that bad, and just trying to let my eyes close. I could not sleep. My back hurt, my hand hurt, my chest hurt, my everything hurt. Most of all, the thing that really hurt me the most was that he didn't call. It's so hard having so much insode of you just burting to tell someone but knowing its better off that you didn't. i waited for him to call...I prayed he would...but the phone never rang. I almost broke down and called. I stared at the numbers on the phone forever and then laid the phne on the pillow beside me. I finally slept. I dreamt alot last night...i kept waking up...and I can't get that bloody song that I was listening to before the crash out of my head. It's horrible. People went to go see my car....they said they couldn't beleive all that happened to me. i remember getting out of the car and feeling the glass just fall like a water fall off my lap. The red and blue lights from the police and Nicole just crying and asking if I was okay. Honestly, like this happens to me. All in one fuhking's like a bloody soap opera....gurl loses boy, gurl crashes car, gurl is alright, gurl is just alone. FUN!!!!! It all had to happen....and ofcourse to me. Oh well....I talked to the inssurance company yesterday and they asked if i had any injuries....I told them no....I*m still baffeled on how I didn't get hurt. makes me love my car even more. It took the kicker just for me and Nicole. All my sympathy goes to my poor baby car. i*m an idiot I know.....Alot of stuff needs to be figured out...jared e-mailed me last night...too late for me to see...maybe i would have slept better...maybe I wouldn't have....atleast I know i wasn't the only one thinking about things last night. It would have been worse if i was the only one. Well...bell is going to ring soon....bye

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Time: 10:44:08
Date: 2001-03-06
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