The Holidays
4:49 PM | 12-18-14

Around the Holidays, things can be tough. I really don’t know why this is. I remember reading somewhere, sometime that most suicides happen around the holidays. I never understand why until I had a few bad days in a row with no light at the end “during the holidays”. I know it will pass ofcourse, but I can see the reason, in a very very small scale, why those jump. Ofcourse, you have nothing to worry about. I will be fine. Its just the pressure of doing well, we get one chance to do it well…and sometimes the choices we make aren’t always the “right” ones. I really do believe we all learn more from our failures than our successes. Hell, I live by that. We all make mistakes, and while I hate making them, I do try to make them with having as much grace as possible. Around the holiday I personally try to make everyone happy, get what they want, see those who are due for me to see, go to church, give as many hugs as I can, and try and take a moment to realize just how great I have it. I think that feeling gets lost sometimes. Everyone gets so caught up in what is expected of them, buying, selling, making it, that it all resolves as everything being “too much”. We forget what is really important, when the answer is there all along. Its in every holiday movie, quite, and card. Its not about the money, its not about the gifts, its not about who you are, its something far deeper than that. I still cry when I watch “it’s a wonderful life”. Its such a simple film with such a powerful message. I wish every single person had to watch the entire thing once a year, no twice. Once at Christmas and once on their Birthday. Its funny how we overlook things, we look at the bigger picture and lose the most important sight so easily. While things may seem harder this time of the year I can express my apathy and my will to let everyone know, it does get better, the pain does go away, and that eagerness to please everyone including yourself will dissipate; because at the end of the day, what’s truly important is how you feel about what you did and how you did it…be happy with yourself, be kind to others, do your best, and know, if the good lord is willing, you’ll have another day to improve.

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