Mother*s Day
11:44 AM | 05-13-14

Denali was my college dog that I had since he was a puppy. During my 4 years of college I accumulated 2 beautiful weimaraners (Denali & Bentley). However after I graduated from college I moved to Manhattan and could not have such large dogs living with me. So, with a heavy but very hopeful heart I sent them to my Mom to care for. My mom didn't have anyone to care for anymore and I knew it would be a perfect fit. Years passed and every year as I returned home for Christmas I could see what a powerful and loving friendship my Mom had developed with my dogs. They were really hers now, and knowing I had left them with her made me feel like I saved her from being alone and saved my dogs from living in a city and no countless hours of running free in the back yard. This Mother's Day I got a call from my Mom hysterically crying in a way I had never heard her. I instantly knew it was one of my dogs. It was my dear sweet first owned Denali. Denali had developed an internal tumor we could not see and suddenly had taken over Denali's sweet soul and body. All the blood the Denali's heart was pumping was only to feed this evil tumor in his body. My poor Mom had to call everywhere to find a vet that was available on a Sunday and on Mother's Day...but as most Vets are, selfless and understanding, one came to avail to care for our long loved friend. Denali, Bentley & I shared many car rides home during college...Denali's chosen seat was the front seat next to me, while Bentley would throw his head out the back windows and let his tongue wail in the wind. On Mother's Day, for the last time, Denali used every last bit of strength to plop his poor weakened body in the car seat next to my Mom while she drove to the Vet's office. It's that last car ride that breaks a person's heart to hear, and worse when you have to do it alone. My heart breaks for my mom to have to go through that alone, but I am thankful I could give her such a great companion. I will miss our dear sweet Denali and will think of him always...Bentley, my mom, and myself will not be the same without him, and while it is hard to lose such an animal on a day that should be celebrated, I can only hope those in heaven who we have lost along our journey through life will benefit from Denali being there, because after all, all dogs go to heaven.

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