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9:57 PM | 10-16-07

There is a time in everyone's life when you decide it is time to move on. It becomes apparent when you are ready to make that leap outside of your current boundary. i*m ready...and I*m ready for the change.

So it's the eve my 25th birthday. Tomorrow, about two hours I will officially be a quarter of a century Birthdays are bitter*s like a day where I personally look back at what I have accomplished and determine my next move into the future. I think about life currently and just what I can do till my next birthday.

Now, i am not in New york. I am in Michigan taking a break while in between jobs till my new one starts in November. I couldn't be happier, because I really did need a break from it all. Yes, I did have a fabulous night planned in the city...and the most adorable dress...but, the city isnt everything, it*s good to be in my hometown and breath in alittle fresh air.

This past weekend, Brandon came to visit and we went to the hockey game, it was weird because I ran into so many people, and their parents. I still hear all the ramblings of all the gossip and all about the people and places I used to know. Some things never change, and some things do. i*ve changed, thats for sure. At the hockey game, i saw some kids runnign around with Hancock High School sweatshirts on, and it always erks me a little because I had such a good time in High School it*s like, when I graduated, my class I mean, it was liek I almost didnt want i to end. It was like I couldnt imagine any class ever having as much fun as we did. I didnt want to to think that the school would go on, or could without us. But as most things do, it does indeed go on. Hancock Michigan has a way of things, some things stay exactly the same and you can set your watch by it, other things go at a slow pace, and change with the leaves of the season, and once every so often you can blink, and it will change.

So here I am, catching up in my random way of things. This is how I write and you should know this by now. gawd, 25.....7 years since I've graduated high school, 9 years since my sweet 16, 4 years since i was at the ripe age of 21....i do remember teling people at a young age, 18 go to college, 22 graduate, 23 get married, 28 have kids...i did graduate...the rest, can wait....i have plenty of time left, or so i hope, and really, who wants to rush...i was in no rush to turn 25....and look how good that turned out. :)

taking my first steps...and growing older...just one day at a time.

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