10:46 PM | 09-10-03

Sometimes things work out for the best, even though you hate hearing the answers. I*m in a situation, where sometimes I think it*s better this way, even though I wish it wasn*t true. It*s hard to go after what you want, I don*t know why this is, but it is. It takes time, and sometimes you lose what you are after in the path of getting to it. This occurs frequently with me. I know what I want, but i always seem to take my sweet lil time getting there, and dragging ass. I just am so afraid of rejection and what the outcome may or may not be. I know i can do things better, but I refuse. I always take the hard way. Haha..thinds today, are better than yesterday. I hung out with BAD today and we went to Wal*mart in search of shaving cream. So ofcourse, here i am spraying it in the caps to get a good smell of the product. Yes, I know, I*m your worst nightmare! BAD didnt know quite what to think, never saw this before. haha....I explained to him about my mum. See, my mum and I take trips to Walmart just for this, its an occasion...we take our time smelling everything, deoderant and shaving cream, spraying it and ripping off the safty seals so we can get a smell. Hey, we care about this stuff! haha...WORST nightmare, I know. But hey, smell my arms and legs, they smell pretty damn good, can*t buy something these days without the full knoledge of what you*re buying. Haha! So after that, BAD and I went our separate ways. The boy confuses me, but for some reason, its okay. Cuz I know what he*s doing, but i wont acknoledge it. weird...i know.

Well anyway, this week is formal recuitment for AGD. Brings back so many lovely memories...of when I rushed for AGD. Some great girls came out, good to meet/see them. THEY BETTER PLEDGE AGD!!! hahaha...the good ones I mean....cuz lets face it, ONLY THE GOOD GO GAM!! haha....should be a busy week, plus I got an appointment tomorrow for hair extentions. cannot even wait, and then BAD*s hockey games. I dunno if I*ll make those, could be on some thin ice with the ex girlfriend there, we*ll see. Well, think I*ll go look over some BIO notes, my prof keeps saying do it, test is comming...ahhh...SOB...i hate tests!! *growlz*

P.S. People say, near the end of a lifetime, you*re lucky to have 3 friends who have been there through it all with you, I hope Nicholas is one of um :)

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Date: 09-10-03
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