romance (AHHH)
12:20 a.m. | 2002-03-13

Over the past weeks Ihave spent a lot of time with my current boyfriend. Which AHEM happens to be our 1 year anniversary March 27th. Which AHEM (again) is the longest relationship held in this little girls life. YAY!~* Anyway, I wuld just like to justify a few things I feel are important to know and things I have come to find this far in my relationship. Having Jason as my boyfriend has been wonderful and though we have had our times of well...not complete bliss I feel he is someone incredibly important to me. Romance in this relationship is a lot to do with us. For instance the most intimate thing we do together is withtout a doubt sleeping together. I dont mean at all mean having sex. I know this sounds really cheezy but lets face it, the older we get the more cheezier things we say and discuss. Member the times when you yell at your siblings about things your parents once yelled at you about. Anyway, sleeping together with Jason is great. It has alot to do with security, and I think most will agree, its better sleeping with a man, or who ever your significant other may be girl or boy. Jason and I play with eachothers feet under the covers and without saying a word we know when eachother is tired. We wake up in the middle of the night just to say I love you. We dont have to open our eyes or even be totally coherant. We just say it, whenever. Its that feeling I cant discribe and I love. I love to love someone and I love even more to be loved. Having his arms wrapped around me and listening to him breath into my hair is such a feeling. Feeling his skin against mine and watching him sleep is more of a feeling than Icould ever experience. Going to Subway with him is even fun...grabbing for eachothers hand walking in the parking lot os something I still get excited about. Jason calling me justbecause he wants to hear my voice just makes me warm. These are the things I dont want to ever lose. I htink these are the things that make a relationship be. I'm not saying those exact things, just things in life thatyou are able to do together. Things that make you happy. Jason knows alot about me, he knows I like long drives in the country looking at rich peoples houses, he knows I like a 6 inch sub from sub way with cucumbers, lettuce, ham, tomatoes, black olives, and mayo. He knows I love cows, he knows I love catching frogs, he knows I hate dressing up but will for the occasion. I know Jason would never let anyone or anything hurt me and even thought at times he has hurt me, I have hurt him. But we have oversome thise things because there are more things more important. And I htink its our relationship with eachother. These are things that are small but when known to certain people, make all the difference. I love being in love.....I love Jason. Iwanted to share this with you because I think its important to remind ourselves about the things we appreciate in other people and ourselves.

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