Spring Break
9:12 p.m. | 2002-02-28

For my Spring Break I drove the 6 and a half hours to see Jason and to go to his little faternity ball thing. It's kinda like Prom...or so I thought. I bought this awesome dress...its the color of my aqua colored oakleys that everyone compliments me on. Its strapless and even though Jason picked it out, its actually a pretty sophisticated dress for this occasion, which is exactly what I wanted. Anyway getting ready for this thing was pretty fun. Billie curled my hair and I twisted and cliped my hair allupwith curly dendrils of hair tossled down. Then the thoughts of my sometimes disorganzed boyfriend came into my nervous head. Meeting tons of people that are from Ferris State, me from far away in BFE....and what if it was like a little dinner where you wear a coctail dress??? Try explaining that to my boyfriend..the diffference between a prom dress and a coctaildress and why its such a big deal to get it right espechially when meetng new and different people for the first time. As we drove to the faternity house Imade Jason wait with me in the car till Isaw another girl with a dress like mine. After 15 minutes I told him to go inside and make up some story how iforgot something but to look around and everyone elses apparel for that evening. After waiting in the car like a complete moron...because if Iknew these people Iwouldnt give a damnwhat the hell I looked like or whatIwas wearing, Jason comes out and informs me i need to change. I almost killed him when he told me he was kidding. Typical of my boyfriend. Anyway we got inside and ifelt so weird. A feeling i have come to known well when walking into his faternity house, its a vibe I cant explain. Its either you know everyone or you pretend to. Me,I didnt fit in with that at all. Anyway the deal was, we were taking a bus to this baquet hall thing where there would be a bar and stuff and dinner, dancing and all the social stuff. Dont get me wrong, love talking with my hunny but sometimes we all need our space. We ate, and I got a few hellos from some girls but as time went on Iwas eyeing up the bar. I wanted to drink so bad, after awhile Jason somehow got a fake from someone and got thatmagic stamp on his hand which indicated he was 21...that meant....yes.....DRINKS WERE AVAILABLE! Woo-freakin-hoo!!! I began with Armeretto Sours, 1, then 2, then 3...and 4...5 became 7..and 8..became well 11. Iwas drinking and talking the night away and icant tell you how much better the night went after that. I met alot of lovely girls and danced the night away. Icouldnt have enjoyed myself more. Jason was a perfect sweetie refilling my drinking right as soon as Isucked the last drop from my straw. He payed for everything and was really a cutie. I took tons of pictures and had a great time. This experience was awesome, and though it was different I am really glad I decided to go. I met tons of greatpeople and Ireally felt grown up. Ialso realized that drinking at the bar is pretty got damn expensive!! hehe...glad I didnt pay for any of it. I told Jason WHEN we are 21 I'll be glad to repay him when we decide to hit the bars. i gotta sayIcant wait and iamreally glad Igot a little taste, and dressed to impress too!! Haha...welp thought id rant and rave....later!

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Time: 9:12 p.m.
Date: 2002-02-28
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