3:16 p.m. | 2001-04-27

TGIF!!!! I*ve been saying that a lot lately. What a week though! Jade, Abby, and Heather got suspended for a day for skipping skewl and I have just been counting down the days and classes left till I graduate. One month and that’s it. That’s it. One month from today at 1:30PM I will be walking down the long aisle looking at all my friends and relatives and saying goodbye. It’ll be the last time that I will be on a stage with my entire class. What a feeling I get whenever I think about it. My principal came and talked to our class today and I couldn’t believe what a prick he was. He was saying how this next month is a very stressfull one for him and that he will not be putting up with any foolishness that we may be trying to pull. What a freak….He also said that he has a list of students who skipped on Senior skip day on his desk and he will be remembering that for probably a long ass time. Oh Christ…I kept thinkning in my head break my heart…like I care what my high school principal thinks about me. What….I’ll probably never see him again except for the grocery store. What a freak. I keep thinking about graduating though…everytime I talk or yell in the hallways, laugh and write notes to my friends…it all makes me wonder if it will ever be like this again. Then I have to remind myself that it won’t. I keep thinking about Jared and whether I actually want him to come to graduation or not. But then I think about if he isn’t there and what a disappointment it would be. What if I really need him there and he isn’t. I can’t be selfish though and I do have to think about how Jason would feel and what Jared may be feeling. It’s really hard to think about I guess…I dunno. Well tonight there is a really big party at the bridge and I think I*m going after work with Jade, Jason, Abby, Nanue, and the rest of the crew. It should be huge depending if there is ALCO or not. Oh yah last night after work was really fun too. Jason and I went over to Chris’s and drank, played card games and played hack in the middle of the road. It was pretty great. Welp I better get goin….jason’s prom is tomorrow night at his school so I will be home all alone…not…I*ll probably go out with the gurls but still it’ll be hard. Welp later….XOXOXO

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Time: 3:16 p.m.
Date: 2001-04-27
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