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8:31 p.m. | 2001-04-28

Remember when I reminded everyone of my non gurlish traits? Like the no flowers deal, the no jewlery thing, and the romantic things that make ya go Awwww! Welp....things are deffinetly changing. let me tell you the story. I can't remember if i mentioned this but Jason goes to another skewl near me. Well he was going out withthis other gurl and it all ended up not working out. Anyway they still wanted to go to prom with eachother even after they broke up but then Jaosn met me and then we were going out and well things changed obviously. Jason asked me a few times that if I wanted he would totally ditch this other gurl and go with me. Don't get me wrong....i REALLY wanted to go...Ricky goes to that skewl too and I know i would have a blast but something inside of me told me no. So, after him asking me and Ricky telling me to go I decided to stick to me answer. So here i am...on their prom my boyfriend is dancing with his ex. Jason and Ricky asked me to go out with them after prom but I said no...for many reasons....well I don't want to feel like i have to babysit jason wondering if he is going to cheat on me...I know he wont...i trust him...and i don't want to be selfish, its his prom...his night to hang out with his friends and I don't think he needs the gurlfriend figure at his side. Mom told me I was being very grown up about this and she told me she was very proud of me. I told Jason not to call me at all today just so he could go out and have a blast. I felt dumb and kinda sad but i know I made the right choice. But gets better....I mean better better. *Smilez* A couple days ago Ricky had asked me to order some flowers for Mindy and I told him I would. Forgetting totally about it till today, oops...I called this morning and made arrangement for him to pick them up at the flower shop and I put it under my name just to make sure. Anyway, I then went and worked outside and around noon I got two phone calls. One of them being work and them asking me to wor from 2-8 and the other one from the flower shop at which I ordered flowers for Ricky. Well this guy on the phone asked where I lived and i was like "Hancock"...and he said "okay I'll be right there, I have a delivery for you" Automatically I thought Damn....they must have thought that the order for ricky was a delivery to me. It wasn't a big deal so I just thought that since ricky was stopping by anyway before the prom I could just give them ti him then. Well minutes after that I get another phone call from Jason...and I was like :hey, bet you're excited, hope ya have fun, be good, blah blah" then the flower guy shows up and I explain to jason the whole ricky and flowers deal, and Jason just laughs. i wondered why he was laughing until i opened the card to the flowers that had my name in it. A dozen pink roses. i could not even beleive he sent me flowers. What a sweetie....that just shows that he cares and I can't even believe he did that. thats my story for today...pretty damn cute huh? :*) It pretty much made my day. Welp I better get goin....XOXOXO later

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Date: 2001-04-28
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