my eyeballs hurt
7:31 p.m. | 2001-04-24

My eyeballs hurt. Whenever I look to the right or left they just ache. I dunno...maybe there's something wrong with me..probably not. Anyway yah, Jason was sick yesterday so Ricky and i went and bought him cough drops, his favorite juice, and a movie. I watched it with him and made sure he was feeling a lil better. Poor baby. Anyway I talked to jared the other night about this and that and i have to say this. At the end of our conversation which was like at

2AM....we said our goodbyes..the sweet dreams, and for a split second i forgot. I forgot that we weren't together anymore. It was so weird. I like lay in my bed just thinking about that. Makes me wonder if that's all it ever was...maybe our whole 8 months of our long distant relationship was just close friendship. I don't know...and I relaly don;t think I*m prepared for the answers right now. Ugh....the things i talk about hey? Oh we had this speaker who talked to us all about sex...yay...actually it was really really sad. After marrying his girlfriend from highschool they had a baby...and through that their baby got HIV and so did the mom through a blood transfusion and by the end of his very sad story he ended up burrying half his family and making decisions when they should die. His daughter..then his wife. Gawd I just wanted to bawl my eyes out. He got the message to me...alot of them actually. Anyway today has been kind of a wild day...Ashleigh Hope...grrrr....sorry to say but she annoys the hell outta me. My hair is curly...she get a perm...I get a cute skirt...two days later...she walks into school with the same one...she does everything!!!! and today...miss Amy wannabe rolls in skewl with her eyebrow peirced! I swear to gawd i coulda killed her. I know, no big deal but still...c'mon....not one week from I get mine peirced and she's got it done. Who the hell is she!? Sorry....I hate it when people copy me. welp Jason is working now, jared is washing his car, michelle and i are on the phone and i gotta get doin my laundry. have a great day...*Hugz* XOXOXO

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Time: 7:31 p.m.
Date: 2001-04-24
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