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9:05 a.m. | 2001-04-23

Okay okay so I havn't written in like 5 billion years. I had to take some time off....but now I*m back into writing. Yay. Anyway, why am I home from skewl?? haha...cuz I decided to be a lazy ass yesterday and not do my paper for Art. Screw it...i*ll do it tonight. Anyway, things with me are goin good i guess. Things are pretty much the same. Ricky and i are still like brother and sister. jason and i are still together and jared and I are like the best of friends. It's actually a pretty good consequence from all that happened. Anyway, this past weekend was pretty fun. Friday was Jason's Senior skip day so he was drinkin all day with his class. I went out afterwards with him and the crew and it was pretty fun. Saturday after I had to work Jason and I went to Buck's camp. it was a pretty laid back party but alot of fun. jason played pool all night (as usual) and I talked with everyone. Next weekend is Jason's prom. He's going with some other chick that he was kinda going out with before he met me. i know pretty sketchy situation, but I trust him. Besides his mom and dad would kill him if he ever pulled a stunt like that on me. Jason keeps asking me to go out with him after prom to all the parties but I keep refusing. It's his night...I don;t wanna be like the gurlfriend/bitch from Hancock who is babysitting the boyfriend. I dunno....I think I*ll just go out with the gurls next weekend. Geeze....pretty soon it'll be my prom! i can't wait. I know Jason ans I will have a blast. Ugh....everyday I think more and more about graduating. It seriously makes me want to puke. I think everyone is happy about counting the days down but me. I just don't want to feel lost. After everything I have to wonder where I will be....I talked about this with jared on the phone last night and he like has so much confidence. I dunno...everyone else seems to...too. But me. I have no clue what I will be doing. Ugh....graduating...leaving everyhting I have known. Skewl...skewl...skewl....friends...

parties, fights, break-ups, make-ups, gossip, laughing, smiles, giggles, detentions, skipping class, lunch fun, driving around, weekends....ugh...I just don't want to let it all go. I don';t want to leave behind the freedom and respect that seniors earn...i have to leave that all behind to the new seniors and that just is so hard. I feel liek such a baby but seriously...this whole graduating thing scares the hell outta me. I know it'll all be okay but still...I have to stress. Welp I htink I*m gonna get ready to go to skewl now...now that I*ve missed the class that I was supposed to have a paper for. hehe....later kids....XOXOXO


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