Halloween Weekend!
11:11PM | 10-30-05

This weekend was a BlasT!! I had so much fun! Thursday night, a lot of people dressed up..not me..or Andrea. Anyway, Andrea and Wap came over and we drank here for a lil while and then went to Bolthouse's...(yah i know..i wonder about that name too) Anyway we got there and my dear friend Liz was there. I rarely see her but when I do, we usually talk for like an hour. So we all drank there and talked and then went back to the Lambda Chi house. It was a fun night and we all just had fun hanging out. Friday was fun too. Andrea and Wap, came over and we had a lil double date thing + one Sipel *smilez* We went to the hockey game and for some reason it wasnt fun...i dunno prolly because I was SOOOOO excited to see Saw 2!!!! Anyway, we left early and there ended up being like a thousand people at the theatre. I think I was like the 4th person in so we all got to sit where we wanted. yay! The movie was sweet! I loooooved it! Twists and Turns...suprises around every corner! Loved it! Anyway after that we all kinda passed out....Saturday, I had one thing on my mind...well one important thing...that was my costume. I was in our room watching a movie and Brandon was in the living room when he came in there all frantic..."Cmon lets go, we gotta go get your package" Apparently neither of us heard the postal woman knock on our door to deliver the package! I was like HOLY HELL!!...so we frantically called the post office which was closed and had to chase down every postal service person we could to try and find the chick who had my costume! Picture Brandon and I driving down the streets of Marquette looking for Postal pepole....it was funny. then on ridge...was our target! YAY!!! I got my costume! it was super cute! I was a bumble bee! Anyway, everyone came over around 7 and we started to drink...the girls got ready and just played with makeup and hair and the boys played video games...BIG SHOCKER THERE!! Anyway, it was a blast...and thenwe all went off to Tyler & Baker's house for the Halloween PAR-TAY! It was really fun and almost eveyrone i wanted to see that night was there....I got TONZ of cute pictures and talked to alot of great people! To some this lil entry up, because frankly my fingers are getting sore, Allison got into a bit of a cat fight with baker...(i got pics to prove it) rachel got really drunk, showed the world her thong....tried to help some poor girl who was puking and got yelled at by some asshole (Awww...poor Rachel) I got shot in the ass with a air soft gun..TWICE.. I threw my drink on the guys I thought did it....(they were reasonable suspects)Branodn beat them up...broke a window...broke up the party...everyone went to the lambda chi house, where we realized Brandon beat up the WRONG kids...(OOOPS! SORRY!) and well...at 2:30ish...we stumbled our asses home.....So...it was a VERY eventful night to say the VERY least! Very memorable!!! Today I pretty much just laid around and chilled around the house....YAY!!! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!! Love ya! *MUAH*

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Date: 10-30-05
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