Happy Gobble Gobble Day!
11:19 PM | 11-25-04

It*s ThanksGiving...and while Brandon is away with his family...m dad is in ICU, and I am in Marquette....I am okay. Mom came here with Terry and Loyd. We went to shopping and bought whatever looked good. The rest of the family is in other destined areas of the country. Oh well. I*ll see them at Christmas. I have to work tomorrow...and Saturday...and Monday...and Tuesday. *sigh* Yuck. Oh well it*s money right? Mom, Kitson, and i went to see the second Bridget Jones Diary. The Edge of Reason is the subtitle. I dunno what it is about it...the edge of reason...but it grabs me. It makes me want to remember it. Anyway, it was weird...watching frumpy, wide hipped, maybe a lil overweight Bridget squander around looking for a proposal from Mr. Right. I have to laugh and smile...and think..ofcourse. She said something that stuck out and am seriously contimplating. She said: "I once read if you can think of three reasons not to date someone the you shouldn*t" I know I know...what th hell am i doing actually podering this...its in a movie...HOLLYWOOD....but still. Three reasons...is that it? I can think of 400 sometimes....but in the movie when it came down to it...the reasons werent really as important. I guess things bother people about the other person...thats a given. I know i annoy the hell out of peopel sometimes...I*m crazy...i do retarded things sometimes, I*m selfish, I don*t do laundry every week, i say the wrong things sometimes, and yes i love chocolate!! But, i guess its up to the other person if all those things determine our separation...or not. Can someone out there actually love everything about me and all my lil quirks?? He deserves a comemerative plaque thats for sure. I know though, that I will never be a perfect girl...whome you rarely see...whom looks perfect. I will always have those like imperfections...i guess that*s what makes up a person sometimes...I need someone sometimes to make me a lil less/more crazier, someone to laugh at all my retarded things, someone to share the chocolate with. And right now that*s what i have, and i couldn*t be happier. Brandon and I...we fight. That*s what we do, I tell him when he*s being an ass, and he tells me when I am a pain in the ass. Which I am, 99% of the time. We*re not afraid to hurt eachothers feelings. We have like a 2 second rebound rate, then we*re back doing the next pain-in-the-ass thing. I guess when it comes down to it...you have to wonder....maybe that*s what it*s all about. Mayeb that*s what we are challlenged to live with and survive. Miss you POOKA!!! XOXOXO


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