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11:53 AM | 10-13-04

NOTE: This is ALL I*m gonna say about politcs...and my views...this ONE entry...BESIDES November 2nd..and my experience. Sorry if you don*T agree on MY views...i would appreciate the respect of my opinion...and i will respect yours.

Here’s a thought… lets jump on the kerry-bandwagon…why? Lets grocery list it ---A: “Because we don’t want a draft… we want a so called ‘stronger America’ … Bush sends troops to fight with no equipment…he outsources jobs…He loses vital allies etc… ” what do all of these “reasons to be anti-Bush” have to do with each other? They are all either lies or mangled stretches of truth to sound appealing to the Youth of America… lets face it.. Kerry is pandering to the youth… not unlike the genius under minder of all time yours truly Adolf Hitler. You and I both know he has a swastika tatted on his arm symbolizing his diabolical plans for a “swastikAmerica”) … I feel like Cheney… I need to start off every explanation with a “FIRST OF ALL” to emphasize the reality of the truth-stretching schemes the Democrats have been clinging to by the skin of the same teeth they are lying through … lets begin with the draft… Bush has NEVER said he is going to issue a draft .. CURTAINS… the House Voted 402-2 to defeat the draft bill which was offered last year by Rep. Charles Rangel … and Directly quoting Bush in a speech given in Iowa Monday : “we will not have a draft so long as I am president of the United States.” So there… I just quashed that rumor… all of you who were shaking in your boots can breathe easy knowing you won’t have to fight unwillingly for your country … another theme democrats stick to is that the Bush Administration has been a supporter in outsourcing jobs which has resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs… Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and a council of economists who advise the president stated that outsourcing is “part of a healthy dynamic in which free trade in return for benefits Americans.” ALSO… we like to ignore the fact that subsidiaries of foreign owned companies CURRENTLY provide roughly 9 million Americans with jobs.. do we need to bring in a scale to compare 9 million to a measly couple hundred thousand? …. Apparently for kerry, edwards, and the rest of the mathematically challenged kerry campaigners … speaking of challenged…Special-Ed wards commented that the Bush Administration “sent 40,000 American troops into Iraq without the body armor they needed” the ambiguity of this statement would wrongfully lead people to believe that we have thrown soldiers into combat with no armor at all when according to Gen. Peter Pace, vice chairman of the joint Chiefs, said “ 40,000 troops did not have the brand new, improved armor but every soldier and marine on the ground over had body armor.” Confusion is the key … lets all be Kerry for a second… shout out as many open ended plans you have for making America a “better place” and provide no explanation to how you’re going to do it…feel free to throw in elaborate details of rainbows and butterflies… . It’s fun for a while… but then you feel like “that guy” … EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE LIKE THIS… he might even be your best friend.. but you wanna sink your fist into his ignorant skull every time he tells a fascinating story that his brain with a staggering I.Q. of 12 has conjured as to how he’s going to take over the world…. The fact that he can speak fluently is a miracle and otherwise should be sporting a straight jacket and matching helmet…. Ha....that made me laugh....anyway, As for the hags who are bashing the President for “skipping on his duty” when he allegedly skipped out on fighting in the war…. I don’t see you racing to the recruiters begging to serve your country .. face it … you’re scared and or it’s inconvenient for you … hell I don’t want to either…can anysone se ME going through boot camp? Ummm no. but people can’t point a finger at him for not fighting in a war when you’re sitting on your ass watching it comfortably tucked in the safety of your own home… which I might add is now safer because Saddam is in jail … and anyone who disagrees with this is to be further dubbed a communist … you shouldn’t be allowed to vote you can stop reading now… go back to reading your coveted copy of Communist Manifesto… As for accusing Bush for losing vital allies… how are you going to begin kissing ass to Kwasniewski of Poland?? you want us to take a leap of faith that you can rebuild allies who are already pissed at you for denigrating their contributions of serving side by side with us in Iraq before you’re even elected…brilliant… how about that for a right off the bat colossal error of judgment … I don’t even want to touch on medical funding…. Half the reason medical care is so expensive is because of people like Edwards who made a living out of suing doctors over and over in a record skipping fashion making him a millionaire time after time.. if you find this intriguing you might enjoy reading about it …

Which I used to think that kerry and his ongoing rant about his loose and arguable affiliation with the army was annoying but Edwards just crowned himself king of the screeching chalkboard club …. And that about ends my steam release after painfully listening to Edwards finagle his way through his debate…

W'04 BiAtch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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