how do they know
8:53 PM | 10-02-03

How is it that guys know excatly what they have to do to get out of whatever they did wrong? It*s like they know when they are going to get yelled at, and they make it as hard as possible for you to do it. UGH....I try so hard to figure them out. Guys...they are confusing. And how is it that they know when you need to be kissed and how you need to be kissed. It*s like they have radar. They know when they need to take your hand, they know when they need to call. While, I am left clueless....and in the dark. I had a great day today. Allison and I went out to breakfast and I ran into my old roomate from good 'ol summit street. Jason....guess he needed a day time job after getting kicked out of NMU. The presence was there, he knew who i was, and i knew he was there. We didnt look at eachother, and didnt say a word. After breakfast, Megs and I went shopping for Halloween decorations, cleaned up the yard, and enjoyed this perfect fall sunny say. The leaves were crunchy, the air was crisp, and something about today made me wanna watch "You Got Mail" parts in that movie that stick out. "A boquet of freshly sharpened pencils" Lines liek that....don*t ask. Anyway, after that B.A.D. and I went to buy some pumpkins. It was great...and I really did have a great time. After that I did some laundry and watched sex and the city. And here I am...BAD left for his hockey game a couple hours ago and said he would call me after his game. i have to wonder if he actually will. Which makes me remember, I have a few phone calls to make myself. It*s hard to call back sometimes. I wish I would never miss a call...because after you tell someone you*ll call them back you are left with a great responsibility. Don*t call them back, you leave that person with disappointment, and regret. Call them, you are forced to think of things you need to talk about. It*s a game really. *sigh* I am finally getting caught up in my CIS class...but am falling behind in my biology. School is so hard sometimes....i wish I knew it all, and things cam easier. But they dont....this weekend is greek formal. I am looking forward to it. It will be nice to get kinda dressed up and go out. Well, I think that*s all for now...peace

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