what a suprise
12:42 PM | 05-16-08

This morning, as usual I was getting ready for work, and outside of my garage on the pavement...was....a tiny...baby...fawn. I immediatly, and foolishly scooped him up amd wrapped him in a blanket and put him in the laundry basket inside. It was pouring rain, and while I know this may have not been the best, i did it without thinking. It was the most beautiful animal i had ever seen. Crying for his mom, and me wondering why this poor innocent animal had been abandoned, i called the rescue wildlife service. They had told me that he must be put back outside, raining or not, squealing, ect. and that his mother would come back for him. Before i could let myself do it, i held him in my arms and said a prayer. Should i name him YODA?? (because of his enormous big ears) maybe the classic name of bambi? Emotions and thoughts ran through my head...could i raise this animal?? what do i feed it? No...not a good idea...so i held him close so that he could regain his stregth and be warm...and i put him on the blanket under a shrub. He lay there curled up and sheltered from the pouring rain. I watch from inside my garage. Thinking the mother would jut magically appear, and didnt...i got worried...i scooped him up and began wandering the outside making the fawn noises i heard earlier thinking for some reason the mother would just appear. Ofcourse she didnt...and after some time...i decided what i needed to do. I lay him back down under the shrub with the blanket underneath and pryed myself away. Every half hour i would check his little breathing body from afar...and after two hours...he was gone. My heart is broken...and even after he had gone, i called the wildlife rescue to a sure myself that he was okay.

Sometimes things happen in life that are unexplained and brings a tear to your eye. It is one the most bitter sweet endings. I know the wild should be kept wild, and that human should not interfear, but this really was an experience. His spots were as small as the tip of an eraser...his wobbly legs following behind me as i made the cries for his mom...and his big brown eyes with the longest eyelashes i have ever seen with stay with me forever. I hope he is okay, and i know for the next few weeks i will think of him often. I wish him well and a safe life. If this happens to you here is what i researched. Good luck...

In general, if a fawn has been found and a doe has not, the fawn is not an orphan. Mothers will leave their fawns all day to feed. They will not return while a human is in the area. This tactic allows the fawn to understand how to function alone. If you watch the fawn for 48 hours and the mother has not returned once, you probably have an orphan. The following steps will guide you through taking care of the orphan.

Step 1 Watch for the fawn's mother to return within 24 to 48 hours. If the fawn is still alone, or you know that the mother is dead, immediately call a wildlife rehabilitator. Meanwhile keep yourself and all pets away from the fawn. Try not to move the fawn.

Step2Contact an animal control office for assistance. To find a wildlife rehabilitator, check your local Fish and Wildlife Service. If it is an emergency, the sheriff's department in your area will know a way to contact them.

Step3Move the fawn from any dangerous situation if you have to. If you find it near a highway or populated area try to catch it. Do not chase a fawn to catch it. This could cause it to become even more frightened. Get down on it's level and slowly move towards the fawn.

Step4Treat the wounds of the fawn if he has any. Wrap any open wounds with bandages but make sure you wear gloves. If it looks like the fawn could have a broken bone try not to let it move until the wildlife rehabilitator

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