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9:08 AM | 02-20-08

As some of you may or not know I am an avid and faithful viewer of the reality series Big Brother. I*ve been watching it for the past 5 years, and it only aires once a year, usually beginning in March. This year it began in February. Titled "Till Death Do We Part" Each cast member is paired with another, and if one gets "evicted" fromthe house, both members are evicted. If youw ant to know more about HOW the game is played, go to CBS.COM.

Anyway, this season started out unlike any other, secrets, and twists, lies, and rumors. It's typical. As the houseguests are getting to know eachother, I sit back and laugh, and make fun of them. It's my guilty pleasure, we have them all. So as they were gettign to know eachother one member of the house made a statement that will more than likely haunt him for years and years to come. And now, it is beginning to haunt me. So, I am writing about it. Adam Jasinski a member in the house talked about his job. Working with autistic children. Except, he didnt say that. He said;
"I work for an autism foundation, I'm going to spend my winnings on a hair salon for people with developmental disabilities “so retards can get it together and get their hair done.”

This has become a HUGE controversy. Letetrs of insult came pouring in to CBS demading the show be cancelled. As we all know, that will never happen. I imagine Television Companies as big as CBS knows exactly what they are doing, and I believe it was a concious decision to air that remark. However what bothers me the MOST about this is WHY....WHY is it a controversy quote. Yes, it may be harsh to use such derogatory terms. Espchially towards autistic children. But, this has bothered me for a few days. Not that he said it, but how easily people forget. What? This:
Freedom of Speech!!!!! the simple concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. So CBS aired this?? It's an uproar now?? I know some of you are going to be a little annoyed about this, but I'm asking you to REALLY think about this. Deep. Here's a point....If someone calls me a bitch...some could take it offense. Not, me, but some. Now, am I a female dog? Well, not the last time I checked. Am I ACTING like a BITCH? this derogatory term? Well, thats very well possible. Do autism children act in a certain way? Retarded? Possibly. Yet, there are peopel there who take offense. I see why, yes. All the hoopla? no. I've been called worse things on the bloody subway.
It annoys me that people make such a big deal over something like this because i KNOW that every single one of Americans have said something like this, and I KNOW someone has called someone "retarded" when they werent, just acted in that way. So, why dont you get letters like CBS, claiming a perfectly normal human was RETARDED. HOW DARE YOU!

I hope you are seeing my point, it"s controversy yes, but you have to acknowledge the golden rule. It's reality, and, as americans we all have the freedom of speech. Good and Bad, Taped, exploided or not.

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