House Hunting & Spinning
1:10 PM | 07-11-07

I*ve been meaign to write this for a few weeks now but just havn*t had the immediate urge till now: So...pretend this was a few weeks ago:

So, I*ve taken up spinning yet again. I go 5 days a week at 6AM...sweet huh? However I got to say, getting up isn*t easy, butonce I brush my teeth and splash some cold water on my face it is actually not that bad. Besides, Spinning gives me the time to really clear my head. I think about all the problems and mishaps that I have going on in my life and come up with solutions. It*s a great feeling to be excersising at such a fast pace but thinking in your head so slow and precisely. Hard to explain I guess, esp. if you havn*t taken a spinning class. Anyway, so that has been my mornings.

Also, I have entered the realator buisiness...well a little. I am looking at some houses in New Rochelle to fix up and sell for profit. I looked at some decent ones on Pinebrook, and came across one of the most interesting houses I have ever seen. It is SOOOO CONDISENDING! Normal...on the outside , but once you enter you are ubruptly take to another time. Litterally. 1960*s...where ALL the rooms mathc in the most ugliest colors imaginable. It*s so eerie. The people whom lived here were "theatre people" as the realator told me. So, they built a fully working stage int he basement complete with a dinner theatre. Tables, chairs, disco ball surrounding the center stage with working curtain. It was HUGE and magnificent. The colors were amazing, and there in the bac were baloons and pictures still inflated, and posted. It was a feeling of something that could only be explained from someone who had been there. But I got the feeling of "the party just stopped...and ubruptly" It was just so weird. The rest of the hosue was all decked out in very old sixties furniture, looked alot like my grandmothers house on Water Street. I remember that house and all its detail and I instantly had glimpses of it when I looked thru this house. It really was beautiful but, they were asking close to a million and to sell it, I really would have to redo the entire house..gut it..and I just dont think i could be responsible for that. I really was a tomb is enchantment. Later that night, as I usually do, I got to thinking...and somewhere inbetween sleeping and dreaming I began to visualize an entire storyline of this house. Parties and shows that went on, famous guests, cocktails, wine, and so on...was there some murderous event that took place? Maybe scandal? Who knows. All i knwo is that they are no longer living, had no kids, and now, someone is selling it. Odd. There are stories I*m sure, and asdly, I will never know them. This is what happens to me I swear, I become obsessed with secrets that history stores....haha...well only for a couple weeks. Anyway, the house is still up for maybe I*ll just call the realator to see if they dropped the price...hmmm

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