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8:08 PM | 06-07-07

Tomorrow, one of my good friends fro High School is getting married. MARRIED. I know, I* 24 years old, it* been years since I graduated and took on the world, but still. Such a commitment. This isnt exactly a lease to an apartment, or opening a checking account, or even giving a cute guy at the bar yoru phone number. This is one of those decisions that is "forever". I partied with Brandon Sayen ever since I can remember. I got my first and only MIP leaving his house after a brutal breakup. I*ve partied with him in college, passed out in his bed, walked off his dock into the lake, broke up with him on the phone in 8th grade, drank beers at his camp, graduated together, cheered him on in the basketball finals, and now I am wishing him congratualtions on his wedding. Yet, life goes on. We all make these kinda of choices in life. Some of us have children, some are making wedding plans, some are still int he stages of making those decisions leading them to the bigger ones. It*s hard to look back....I look back at my orginal friends, my High School memories...those are the people who I saw everyday, and shared some of the best memories I have ever had in my life...and now I am watching them grow up and become what we never thought we would. Grown-ups. in our 20*s. home owners. busy. committed.

It*s heartbreaking, not in the way you are thinking, but in a way that I am being proven that life is not what it seemed so long ago. Life is not a "neverland" world where we never grow up. Sooner or later we do, all eventually have to grow up. It seems as though we are dying to be 16 to obtain our license to drive...and as eager as we were for that we want to be 18...then 21...and then 25...and then there*s that shock of getting older, where we can only hope to reverse the hands of time. If only we could relive our glory days. Our days in High School when things were so simple and disposable and the things we wanted were still so far away.

If given the chance to do it all again, I would do it all the same *gasp* There are moments that weren*t particularily my shining moment, but those are the moments that helped me grow as a person and hepled me not to relive the same mistake twice. Besides, it the people and the mistakes that shape who we will eventually be, and if we cant make it out alive with some bruises and heartaches, chances are, you probably weren*t living at all.

Congratualtions Brandon....on making a life decision, far before I could. I wish you all the best.

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