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6:32 PM | 01-15-07

I read two books in the last two days. What does that tell you? I have to be in a VERY unusual mood to devote that much time into over 700 pages of reading. The first book I flew through and I won't be revealing that title for personal reasons. The one i just finished I read in one day, well since i got up this morning till an hour ago. It was called The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. And I have to say, it was a VERY well written book and I became pretty emotional through out it. I could have written it in 350 pages though. Anyway, good read....if you need something to read. A litte depressing at times though but good. Anyway, work today was like every other day, just more annoying. I can*t get into specifics because that could get me introuble so I*m going to try to dance around it as much i can to give you the best understanding. See when the BOSS'S are in, things are hectic and I find myself rolling my eyes alot. They are inconsistant, ignorant at times, and a little unrealistic. For instance, I have been wanting to join a gym here for like two months and up until now no one has ever granted me permission to do so until last night. So, we went to check it out, the gym was one of the best I have ever seen. PERFECT for me, and included spinning classes...I LOVE spinning, but thy call it cycling here, so whatever. I love cycling. So we me and the boss went to talk to the other boss to see if it was alright that I joined the gym. He said yes...but then I got a call today from the boss, which i have to say I was already pissed off cuz she interrupted my reading (the child was sleepig so calm down) anway, i was already annoyed when she called to inform me that the boss thought it over and now, it is NOT alright that I join the gym. WHY? Because after an hour of the boss convincing me on how safe it was in downtown new rochelle (new the gym) the bosses decided in the car today to the city that maybe it wasnt indeed safe. And they dont want anything to happened to me. IN CODE....heaven forbid your nanny gets a social life, joins a gym, and get out of the god damn house. So....I wont be joining any gym soon...well not in the new future, becuase with anything else in this family when it should take an hour to complete something it takes 6 hours for them to complete it here. Longer, when the task does not concern the boss's or their blessed children. *sigh*
Aggravated? maybe.

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