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10:01 PM | 12-24-06

It*s christmas eve, and this year, as I have said before, doesnt feel like christmas. It took almost everything i had to get here. And as I got here all I could do is cry inside because i had passed my threshold. My plane ticket was a grand, the time was valuable and still i traveled to Baltimore, to charotte, to louiville, to minneapolis, to hancock in two days...runningon nothing but three hours to sleep and the will in my heart that i would make it home for christmas. So now, I have ticket stubs to remind me that, life is what happens when things go unplanned. You learn alot about yourself when you travel alone. And I dont even care if it's to the grocery store. It*s about being on your own and manuevering your own personal abilities to get to your destination. You do this by getting lost along the way. How? Well, when I moved to New York, I had to drive, and without fail managed to get lost everyday without fail. However, whenever I did get lost, and to the point where the was no hope, I always somehow got to "North Ave" This is a main street and I remember it because its to the train station, I can always make it home if I can get there, however thru all my "getting lost" experiences this is how I learned "HOW" to drive in New York. There's ALWAYS a way to get to yoru destination, and there's ALWAYS another way to get there besides the way you know.
This experiences of being re routed over and over throughout my travels this past few days has taught me alot about myself and what i am capable of and exactly what I am not capable of....yet. I cannot demand refunds from employees, I can't stay calm when a gate to my flight is litterally closed seconds before i get there, and I can't..more importantly...give up. I had the choice of turning around and going back to New York, but if I did that, I would have given up on my plan. My plan to spend christmas with my mother, and travel back to where i grew up, even if it was for three days. And maybe it would have been ok, but not for me. You see, we all have that choice, when we get lost, when we lose our direction, or when we must decide if we should turn back on our plan. I didnt, and I*m glad. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and I am home, where I should be and I couldnt be happier. New York is my home, and will be for a few years, but Hancock Michigan, eve though we have issues, is my home, and this place and the people here, will ALWAYS have a very special place in my heart. Merry Christmas friends, i love you forever.

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