A Moment
12:30 PM | 10-31-06

New York is amazing. I know I say that a lot but it is. This past weekend there was a moment I had in central park that litteraly took my breath away. And this morning I had another not so great moment that also took my breath away. But I*ll get to that later. Anyway this weekend I went into the city to get some chopping done and decided to walk to central park. The realestate here is to DIE for. Gawd, Park Avenue alone, makes me shed a tear of beauty. Anyway, I swear this happened, cuz you*ll think it is too good to be true, but I was walking incentral park thru this old brownstone tunnel and there was this older gentlemen playing the tomebone, "Somewhere over the rainbow" It echoed in inside as I walked thru the dark tunnerl and as I walked out the sun hit my face and thats when I thought...I*m in New York...IN central Park, and nothing at this moment could make this life any better. It was just a feeling of knwoing this is where I am supposed to be. Anwyay walking back to Lexington I ran into a health nut, and I emphasize the "Nut". It was an odd conversation, I guess that*s what you get when you*re walking alone in New York City. You meet and greet the weirdos sometimes. We continued our conversation of wheat grass shots up towards lexington and finally we parted. Just another adventure. So now, this morning, Halloween....getting the mad woman ready was difficult, breakfast was a nightmare. She only eats with me, and just me, when Christine is around she depends on her completly and is a total brat. ANyway as I was feeeding her christine was ont he other side of me and Madeline began to gag, as she usually does for her drama effect, anyway christine picked her up and all over a sudden....BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH...that*s right, I was in direct aim and fire of of a white sunstance only known by the unfortunete soul who has been puked on. And I*m not over exagerating here..i was litteraly PUKED on...from a higher distance where madeline was being held as I inocently sat there. It was HORENDOUS. A sunbstance that included, milk (which smells god awful), baby food, applesauce, and vile. Not only was it on me, it was in my hair, pants, shirt, dry clean only sweater, and my hands. I immediatly began crying, then christine and i began laughing incontrolably as I decended to the shower. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. I swear to gawd you havnt lived till you have been puked on. I took pictures, seriously. I am a warrior people. Anyway, so yah, i got puked on, and I have to say I feel liek I have reached that stage in my life where I can do anything. It takes a certain type of person who can gracefully approach and get through such an act. I am proud...haha....New York is still....amazing.

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