i broke in my new shoes today
9:09 PM | 06-23-06

I went to Hancock for the weekend, and mom had mentioned something about going to this cancer awareness thing. All I knew was, we were walking arounf some track thing. So, in my mind, I was like...oh yay! I can break in my new shoes! Anyway, when we got there, to my amazement, it was nothing like I had ever seen before. There were hundreds of people of all ages, walking, talking, and doing everything they could to get there stories, awareness, and memories out there. These people sang, wrote poems, and contributed so much time and effort it was moving. I stood there just in "aw" and began to look around at all the tents where people were camping, and had different kinds of info in them. Around the track where people were "walking for a cure", there were hundreds of white bags with "in memory of" and "in honor of" surrounding the track. These bags were deccorated in all sorts of ways from family members, friends, anyone who wanted to contribute. Walking around the track I noticed friends who i had known who were struggling with cancer, and even saw bags with names whoim i knew had died from cancer. Until this day I have to admit.I never realized how lucky I am to be alive and to be healthy. I tried to keep strong for my mom, becuase, thats the way we are. We rarely show emotions, not that we dont care, because we do, but we are just different in showing our feelings. Anyway, after I walked around the track tonight 5 or 6 times....i saw a bag from people who had lost their pets to cancer, grandfathers, grandmas, young kids, teenagers, and there in the midst of all the beautifule colored bags and a sea of emotions was Cheryl Depuyts paper bag. She was my skating intructor for 9 years and i have more memories of her than all of my other skating memories put together. Before I knew it, tears were rolling behind my sunglasses. I looked to see others crying as well, and breaking down. Poems were read, feelings were broadcasted over a microphone, and until now, I never "got it" I just never realized how this sickness can effect your life. I got so angry, I*m a spoiled brat sometimes, and whine about things that are so pety. When I think of these people and their families, what they must go through in a single day og treatment is not even comparable. It broke my heart. I think about what they must see and do, and how it must hurt them to find out they may only have months to live. What the hell would I do? How would I go on? I honestly dont think i could. Tonight was one of those days that I will remember for the rest of my life. My mom and i sitting in the grass watching the survivors walk around the track and the crowd clapping and crying at their pure braveness. There are no words to show my love for them and their character. I wish them everything that I have to give, and I hope that I can learn from everything they have to gain. I encourage anyone and everyone to please be aware of this horrible sickness and support cancer patients and survivors, ANY way that you can. Even if it is a simple prayer. I walked around the track tonight 5 or 6 times....and being healthy and alive is far more than i ever gave credit to. So please, take some time, do some research, call a friend. Be aware, and get out there.... I love you.

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