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1:38 AM | 05-01-06

Yesterday I woke up to hear the normal flapping of birds wings. Normal, because for the past few weeks we have had a family of doves living on our window sil. I habe enjoyed them a lot. However through out the day as I was packing I didn;t really check on them, and then,late in the day I went to my window to find them gone. gone. No babies, no momma, no daddy. My mom had warned me how fast they grow, and how they might be gone soon but I didnt think they would leave the day before I actually would be leaving me home. If that isn't sybolizm I don;t know what is.
Anyway, today Brandon, Daust, and I packed all day. It;s so weird to think that I have lived in this house for three years. Three years, fone through two roomates, friends coming and going, parties, tears, endless summers, so much....and now it is that time again in my life where I have to move on. Move on to better things I guess. So, from now on I will be residing on Fisher street, with Brandon, daust, and jeeves. Three men and an Amy....haha instead of baby. Shuddup it was funny.
I dunno,i*m kinda mellow and kind of at peace with it all. I remember moving last time out of the summit house. It was very hard, but in the end it was a good move. And so will this one. We are living in a bigger house, all to ourselves,nice yard, new appliances, big rooms, ect. It really is a perfect place. We took the dogs there tonight and they loved it, running and scampering all over, up and down the stairs. I can tell they are happy. It's just the moving and packing, and seeing your room the way it was, before you brought your life into it. I remember it like it was yesterday! My room was toilet bowl blue...ugly and I hated it. One window, smelled weird, ect.But, with paint, some love, framed posters, and endless amounts of candels, and photos, it became my sanctuary. I will miss 222 West Michigan Street. It has brought me so much in my life, a lot of really special memories, and I cant imagine not having those in my heart. But, like our birds who I watched grow up since they will wee lil eggs, they too, moved on.

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