Jessica Simpson
10:04 PM | 12-23-05

I*m at home fot the Holidays and I just got back from seeing Family Stone with my mom. Let me just say it is a fantastic movie. Sarah Jessica Parker is wonderful, this was a really great role for her. The movie was excellently cast and I recommend this to anyone in your families.

Anyway, the reason for this, is because, I am watching one of my favorite television shows, "Newlyweds". I have followed. Jessica Simpson in her career and I have always respected her as am artist. She is really telented, and though, to other people she may be a "ditz" I do not in any way beleive she is. She*s actually pretty damn smart, the way she acts infront of the camera. I mean, do you think anyone would really wanna watch an ordinary, unfunny, show about two ceebrities in a marriage. Not me. She knows what she*s doing.
Anyway, the morning of Thanksgiving my mother called me and informed me of Nick and Jessica*s separation. Followed by many more phone calls from my friends...they gloated and laughed. I on the other hand was heartbroken. I love this couple! However my feelings towards it may not be what you think. I am VERY disappointed in Jessica Simpson. I know I am a total outsider and I do not know the truth..but I do know what she writes and what she sells as an artist. Nick in one of his more popular songs "this is swear" talks about how "he will love her till death do us part" and I beleive that. Jessica sings about how she has finally found someone where she can be herself. Nick knew jessica when SHE was NOT famous, when no one wanted her. Not to mention her career wasnt going ANYWHERE till they met. They both compliment eachother in a really sacred way, and I think that is what a relationship should be all about. However now, I beleive Jessica, after all this fame has fallen under some pretty unfortunate patterns. I beleive she has forgotten where she has came from and who she really is. She treats that damn dog daisy like she wishes she couls be trested. The truth is, Jessica is not a princess. She is acting like a spoiled bitch. She is not in any way too good fro Nick and I do beleive that is she wants to inquire that she is a catholic who saves herself for marriage, and blah blah blah, you damn well better hold up to your deal. She sells this image of herself...and now, what is she doing. Not answering to nick, filing for divorce, partying like she*s some HOT THANG. No, you are not. You are losing fans, devoted fans who admired you from the start. It disappoints me a great deal to think that such a great power couple, and two people who sold their love and marriage to the world, can*t keep it together. There*s counceling, there*s forgiveness, and there*s a great deal more that is there that should hold a marriage together.
So in closing, I am greatly saddened by miss jessica simpson, and she has lost me as a devoted fan by her selfish actions. I hope someday she will get a good taste of karma. I try to beleive in what goes around comes around, and that you are treated the way you treat others, you never I guess we*ll see.

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