12:23 PM | 10-18-05

Have you ever looked at something from far away and see it completly different from when you actually see it upclose? Like these next two weeks, midterms, two huge ass tests, papers, studying my life away...WAY more then normal....looks horrible..and I don*t know how I*m every gonna get through it. However I know when it*s all over with I*ll look back on it and wasn*t that bad. I8ve been noticing this a lot. I think alot of people either get through things or they dont. Depending or not they have the courage to take on the task. Things are not always as bad as they seem, they really aren*t. i*m speaking from brutal truth here. Anyway, my Birthday was yesterday, and it was great. My mom bought me a new digital camera and Cinderella, yes...I know. She also gave me a bunch of money, and a really cute lil cake that me and Brandon could share, along with candels. Anyway, the day went fine, three classes kinda sucked, but I went to all of them. After I got home Brandon gave me my gift. A brand new Northface jacket. It*s sooooo cute. It*s like butter yellow. It matches me hair...and I absolutly love it. Seconds from when he gave it to me there was a knock at the door. Flowers!!!! i looked at Brandon and was like "Are these from you too???!!" He rolled his eyes. Nope, Renee had sent them to me!! How sweet. I LOVE Birthdays! Brandon couldnt seem to get over the fact that I was delighted for about 2 seconds before I was awarded another gift to take away his glory from his gift. You have to laugh. Anyway, later I sat outside and enjoyed the perfect fall day. The leaves are gorgeous this time of year, the sun seems to gleam on them and make them glow. I had class at 6, so I struggled going...I made it...and then made plans for the night.
I am currently working on a few different projects, but I had to spare some time to spend with friends. We planned to have people over at 9 (after Brandon & my class) and then go and see "Elizabethtown". I got home early and went to buy my favorite wine, RELAX. I went to Jim's and he swiped my licence. There were about 7 people behind me, some were in their 20's some in their 50's. The man then said, OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Oh look...right there the machine says you're 23! I cringed....I was like dont say that! i*m old! The man behind me laughed, he said 23 isnt old, 50 is old. I then said, no, 50 is an accomplishment. I smiled and left. So, Wap and Andrea came over, and we had some cocktails, and I had my wine. We then met up with Bill and Kim at the theatre. JUST US!! Just the 6 of us were in the theatre...laughing, talking, and having a blast. I was buzzing a lil from the wine so it made it even better. I*m gonna say this now, and some might be sad, but the movie was absolutly horrible. But, that's what made the whole hting so memorable. yelling back and forth, laughing, Andrea throwing her chapstick to Kim, Kim not catching it, and Bill searching on the theatre floor with his cell phone for a flashlight. We were loud, crazy, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I watched the time switch from midnight to 12:01. I looked at Brandon and kissed him and thanked him for a great Birthday. It was a nice transition. Birthdays are fun, they are what you make them out to be I guess. We all, hopefully, have a great deal of Birthdays, some are more memorable then others. Hell, I don*t want a freakin crazy ass birthday every year, i'm gettin old!.....It was a great night....

My dad is still in the nursing home, and for the first time in 23 years, i did not see or hear from him. No phone call, nothing. It broke my heart for about 5 minutes when I realized it*s a comming of age. Parents do not always do the right thing, no one should have to call you on your Birthday, but, life isnt fair...and sometimes, people do, and will, let you down.

So, Happy Birthday to me....and life goes on....*Smilez*

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