5:37 PM | 10-06-05

Hello. After being FORCED by my EvIl History professor to reading "Johnny get your gun" I got up early this morning to review...brandon and I jus laid in bed and flipped through the pages. it was nice...and odd at the same time...this was all happening at 8:30AM and I was suprisingly awake and NOT grumpy. After that I went tanning and proceeded to History to take his EvIl quiz on "johnny get your blah blah blah" I think i did pretty more than 5 wrong.

I realized I had forgotten about Michelle*s birthday....SH*T. I called her anyways and left a message with dave. it will have to do. I don't feel THAT bad, she didnt bother to call me when she was here for her sisters wedding. Boo....Anyway, this weekend is prolly gonna suck. I think the boys are in trouble so there wont be any lame @ss parties at the boy house. So....this means I could end up somewhere crazy and foreign.

Why are movie stars all of a sudden doing series? What...the 20 million a movie wasn*t enough for them?? Now they have to swoop in and take all the series and year ending sitcoms that usually go to up comming actor and actresses. THESE people ARE FREAKIN GREEDY!! Good gawd....30 million dollar houses? yes I*m talking to YOU Michael Jordan...I don*t care how sweet you are at basketball...the truth is, you would be JUST AS GOOD at it...for nothing...Meanwhile...there*s a line between rich and poor..a very think ass line. Gas prices are out of control and prices in the economy are getting a little out of control. Sorry V e n t i n g

I went to the mall yesterday with Martine. BIIIIG MISTAKE. I bought Britney's new purfume...Fantasy. LOVE IT!! i don*t like curious..just the bottle. But, this...this is fantastic. I got the perfume, lotion, and lip gloss. It's freakin adorable. Good marketing i must say on that bottle! Anyway, Birthday is comming up....yippity do dah...NOT! I*m getting so freakin old! I REEEEALLLYYY want this new Coach wristlet...REALLY BAD...i already got a digital camera and cinderella from my mom...and the word is out that i want this purse..but my hopes are low...*tear* For anyone who cares.
I would like it in GOLD....
*Sigh* oh! and I got a new eyebrow ring today too...all 18K gold ofcourse...but smaller...because im getting older, i refuse to get RID of my piercings...but just downsize them so they aren*t quite so noticable. I do what i can. Anyway, guess that*s it. Have a great day!

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