9:51 PM | 11-15-04

Havn*t written or updated in awhile I know. I*ve been busy christ! haha...Anyway, updating here...we had our anual red rose formal for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta...that was...well....*pause* well there are hardly words. Brandon & I, I gotta say looked like rockstars together. I knew everyone would be wearing the same 'ol, black, dark blue...blah i wanted to stand what color? TANGERINE baby!!! and my hair?? well....Brandon said i looked like Coolio....and I said I looked like a "who" from Dr. Suess! can be the judge I will be up soon! Anyway....we were there for approx. 2 hours when out of no where...after buying brandon a drink....he was kicked OUT of upfront...ummm sweet? no..not so much....then i went to pay for my tab at the bar...and oh...your card was declined...*rolled my eyes* and after runing frantically trying to get our shit together...brandon i took off...didnt pay for our bill either...HA HA bitches! RIVER CITY BANK SUCKS!! because i have money in my account!!! why the hell it was declined i will never know....fuhking losers. So yah...that about sums up our night...the only thing that i must saw was cut was brandon and i commin home and falling asleep on the couch with me in his arms. So safe. So happy. We woke up at like 2 or something and began the process of undoing my "coolio/who" hair. That took of lets hour and a bloody half! After 52 bobby pins (yes i counted) about 20 tears, and three "FINE YOU DO IT" comments from was out....was it worth it? Well....some there are times that you cant even bgein to compare if it is ever worth it. It*s just nice to be dressed nice...have dinner...and be with someone you care about. Afterall I*ve wanted to go with Brandon to this since last year! So yes...i guess it was all worth it.

Yesterday my Brandon left to his week long retreat at the satan induced lambda chi house. It*s there "I" week....Hell week...whatever...week before initation...I*ve heard alot of what goes on....and it isnt all. So I know he will be going through alot...meanwhile I will be here...alone...all week. GOOD :) BAD :( Both....I will deffinetly get some cleaning an work done...but i will miss brandon like hell. Sucks already. Kitson came over today and we went shopping for a new vaccuum and replacement filters for my humidifier. Made me sorta sad...cuz i always would drag brandon to one of our MANY Wal*Mart trips and get these crazy ass things. It*s our thing...and no one can take that away from us. However I did get what i needed...and a kickass vaccuum!! I*m telling you....BUY A SHOP VAC!! They arent as expensive...AND they suck up EVERYTHNG>>....wet/dry...wrappers...tacks, paperclips, pet hair...EVERYTHING...i mean, i dunno what the hell is lying around your house...but this lil thing sucks up everything....So....yah, I*ve been cleaning like a mad woman. *sigh* i miss me pooka....*tear* Sucks being alone in a house when you are surrounded by things that remind you of your boyfriend whom lives with you. boo....hoo....well im gonna go check my email....ponder the many wonders of my life....woo woo....bleh

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