people suck....hope you die!
12:43 PM | 10-09-04

I FUHKING HATE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I awoke this morning from a foggy and retarded friday night all my pumpkins that i had bought and displayed outside we SMASHED. Orange broken pieces flooded the street like in the movie cinderella after the horses trampled the pumpkin coach. I could feel the tears welding up....I*m almost 22 years old....and I still get choaked up over these kinds of things. I know...I*m a baby. It just hurts broke as I am right now, I still went out and bought 5 pumpkins and along with some other decerative things so that our house would look cute for the fall favorite season. After swearing and cursing that those who broke them were killed in a painful death....brandon went and bought me a bagel from 3rd street. He brought back a cinamin bagel with plain lite. I asked "How the hell did you think this up?" If you*re wondering if it was however bought a cinamin bagel with strawberry cream cheese. That*s good....I don*t reccomend the plain lite on a cinamin bagel. So....moving on....then my dad calls bitching about momey or something....then my mum....bitching about selling our house and moving away. You know when you get into a fight with your parents....and they ask right in the middle of it...."So are you fighting with brandon? Is that why you*re acting like this?" They ALWAYS assume that its someone else or you...that its yours/their fault on the reason you are acting this way. MY MUM ALWAYS DOES THIS...which....funy...PISSES ME OFF EVEN MORE>....then she tells me...."the older you get the more irresponsible you get" Oh good....there*s the punch i was anticipating. It*s already one oclcok and all i wanan do right now is crawl in bed and never wake up. I shut my phone avoid any more phone calls from my rents or from anyone for that matter. I*m already a wreck about turning 22 soon. I can*t fuhking beleive this....i swear to gawd the MINUTE you turn 21 you begin your journey of getting too old. Too old to party....too old to stay up and out ll night...too old for everything you once did on a regularity. I don*t even want to celebrate my sad is that? i seriously just want to alienate myself from it all...poor brandon must thing i*m a complete psycho. I feel bad....I do...crying hysterically and slamming doors....he really must think im going crazy. maybe i the doors to the white padded room....puhleeze?!!!

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