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11:57 PM | 03-02-04

I had a lovely day today. Not exciting....well not too exciting...but a lovely day. Last night I had a craving for pizza....rare occasion lemme tell ya. So, as usual i was talking to brandon and said we needed to get some today. I got up this morning to go tanning and because I bought Pirates of the carribean the day before and found the box to have the movie phone booth instead, i decidede to make the change after tanning. So i walked into blockbuster, and explained what had happened. The girl there smiled and said "Oh i have been loking for that, i knew i mixed up one of them!" She then went over to the shelf where there were two copies of the DVD and yelled from across the store. "Do youy care what copy??? There*s a hard and soft case!!" So, I replied..."Oh that*s fine...I was a hard one!" We both laughed and smiled....hey....atleast my answer to her question goes other ways as well! HA! I smiled thwe whole way home, giggling. Then, at 12:30pm, Brandon and I got 2 Slices pf delicious pizza for one dollar and fifty cents. Now that my friends, is a deal.....I hate one huge slice, and brandon ate both of his and my other piece. Perfect lunch. I enjoyed it. We then watched Pirates of the Carribean. It was retarded..and as he was leaving i could not let him go....so I didnt. I know I know...I had to get going to drive home but i was having fun....an hour later i finally left...at 4:00 and arrived home at 6 to help my mum with the consession stand at her high school. I watched the game..a lil...until i got discusted watching there apthetic cheerleaders trying to cheer....and after some fat kid oin the team came tumbling...and I mean tumbling head over heels into me....almost knocked me over....gawd....i can remember when i was a cheerleader, we were like in the army....we werent aloud to talk, practice cheers, nothing....we had to be perfect at all times. Things have changed....and the b-ball team sucked...havnt won a game all year. Don*t miss highschool. I knew it was time to leave when a 7th grader tried to flirt with me...that did it, i left shortly after. So, now I am at home watching sex and the city and pondering what i should do for the next few hours while i am still awake. Guess that*s all for now. Peace out....

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Time: 11:57 PM
Date: 03-02-04
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