1:16 AM | 02-16-04

Ever bitch about something so long and and alot, that when it happens, youa re genuinly suprised? V*Day was nice...Sam & I decided to buy eahcother gifts becuz we suck and we don*t have boyfriends. Erika and I went to lunch and as I was hearing about her and Nate*s relationship I couldn*t help myself but think, I don*t have a relationship, but I still bitch about the person that is the closest to being my boyfriend. Is this true? Girls just like to bitch? I didn*t think I would get anything for valentines day, Brandon suprised thehell out of me by calling me as I was doing laundry at the laundry mat and stopped to give me a card and a single rose. It was one of those things....I just didn*t have words...I got nervous and started acting funny....it*s like what do you do when you have nothing to bitch about? I couldn*t bitch no one cared about me on v-day anymore...cuz obviously he sorta cares...not int hat way, but as friends, and that*s super cool. Sam got me another bag full of stuff, my favorite gum, watermelon bubbleicous, 2 fast break candy bars, Sex and the city season 4, a nerd rope, and a bag of herseys minitures. We hung out all day, watching Sleepless in Seattle, and some others. We left later that night for 5 minutes to get some dinner, and when we returned....I was greeted by a horid sight indeed. My precious bag of 5 lbs of candy was destroyed...gone...all gone!!! It was like the scene in "A Christmas Story" when they see the turkey all over the kitchen because the dogs next door ate it all. Not even wrapper....left....tissue paper was scattered all over the living room...and I...I was stunned. My fuhking dog sucks...dammit...so, another holiday, another call to the vet, must i remind you about new years?? denalli is fine, couldnt be happier....figures.

Anyway, 3 days till surgery...how am I feeling?? Well put it this way, whenever I die..It*s gonna piss me off. And, If i die Thursday and miss the last episode of Sex & The City you can bet your life I will be bitching up a storm in heaven...all I can say is, they better have HBO!!! I*m afraid...i*ve never had surgery before, never been put out, never been so afraid....I don*t wanna die, i*m not ready....and while I*m sure I*ll be just fine, I am still afraid. I don*t want the doctors to screw up, I don*t want the guy who is watching me breath to fall asleep, Ijust want it all to go smoothly. Which I*m sure it will...I*m just nervous!! AHHH!!! okay I*m goin to bed! peace out! bye :)

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Time: 1:16 AM
Date: 02-16-04
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