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9:39 PM | 02-09-04

In ten days it*ll be say goodbye to my boobs!! Ahhh....I am nervous as hell but terribly excited. I had such a fabulous day today!!! I didn*t do anything but lay around the house and run some errands. *Smilez* I hung out with Sam this morning and Brandon came over to hang out and go to lunch....we talked and acted retarded....and as we were leaving to go to lunch, Brandon discovered a bright yellow bag and a card that said "Amy" I was puzzled and confused what or who could have done this for me. Then I started wondering... So I grabbed the card and began to open it, ofcourse Brandon shouts out and says: "Don*t open it! It could have ANTHRAX" Good gawd Brandon...idiot. I opened it to find a cute lil card from Nicole a friend of mine who I met through Alpha Gamma Delta and a a shirt that said "Some bunny luvs you" So cute..coulda died!!! I needed something like that so bad....Things have been so messed up for the past few weeks and knowing people are thinking about me makes me just feel so much better. The card said goodluck with my sugery and that she was thinking about me. So nice of her....I just appreciate the fact that someone took the time to go out of their way just to make me smile. There*s something about hanging out with a boy for a day that makes me so hapy. Maybe it*s their smell you contract that stays with you for the remainder of the day. Or maybe it*s just knwing someone of the opposite sex whats to spend time with you, alone. *Smilez*

After that Brandon and I went to lunch, and I talked to my mum about sending Sam*s cell phone here tomorrow...since sam is a moron and dropped in while we were in tech for winter carnival. Hahaha...*kidding* Brandon and I came back here....and hung out some more and tried to burn a CD which didnt work, kinda pissed me off, but oh well. Anyway, cutest thing...not a big deal, it was just cute. Brandon isn*t my boyfriend, he*s my friend, and I luv him to death cuz we really are alot alike...but some things he does pisses me off to no end....but some things he does is like adorable and I don*t even think he realizes it. We were sitting on the couch hangin out when he got up grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and took my to my room *Smilez* It was cute....he*s my bud, and it*s gonna suck when he leaves, but I guess all good things must come to an end....*tear* Welp that*s all for now, time to watch Sex and The City (cuz I missed it sunday) and hangin with Sam.

Message from Brandon....HA!

"Hockey players make incredibles lovers. Their strong hip flexors and tight abdominal mucles help maintain a rhythm that women enjoy"

Bye Bye! *Smilez*

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