I feel so
11:21 AM | 02-03-04


I wish I was brave

I wish I was stronger

I wish I could feel no pain

I wish I was young

I wish I was shy

I wish I was honest

I wish I was you not I


I feel so mad

I feel so angry

I feel so callused

So lost, confused, again

I feel so cheap

So used, unfaithful

Let's start over

Let's start over


I wish I was smart

I wish I made cures for

How people are

I wish I had power

I wish I could lead

I wish I could change the world

For you and me

A series of events in my life recently lead me to beleive...I have NO LUCK what*s so ever! CHEESE AND RICE....haha..So...yestersay...lets begin with my day of hell...I*m already pissed off cuz the Panthers lost, I also missed the event that everyone was talking about..not that I am terribly sad, but Janet*s jackson*s boob?? ugh...missed that one...I swear I watching! haha...ANyway...Yesterday I had to get up at 8AM to bring Denalli to the vet...yah, I finally did it, they took away his manhood! AHHH...i*m bad mother! haha...anyway after I went back to bed, brandon came over and we went out to lunch...had a nice lil talk like always and then went home to call the vet to see how denalli was....Denalli did great so we left to go pick him up, the thing with Brandon is, he would rather lay in my bed with me and talk about anything for like 400 hours instead of doing things or running errands, so I litteraly sometimes have to drag the kid with me....he kept saying i dont wanna go blah blah blah....si took him anyway...little did i know, out of all the times he bitches about leaving, I SHOULD have listened to him. So I*m driving down 3rd street....minding my own buisness...Four way intersection....it turns green, my turn to turn right...EXCEPT....there was an old guy walking across the street so I stopped...dont wana hit the guy...when BAM!!!!!!!!!!.....rear ended liek no other!!! So...lets recap on my poor car...4 days ago I backed into a truck...brook my tail light..then I locked my keys in the car..now...I am rear ended...2002 Explorer sport...ugh...anyway..after my freak out session i pull over and this poor lil 18 year old pot head comes running outta his heap of shit blazer begging me not to call the cops...I know how it is...and knowing he is prolly in trouble already I told him to just give me his number and name...so...I proceed to the vet...brandon bitching about how I almost killed him...yah right...and how my day is gonna go from bad to worse. Hahaha...SO we get to the vet, pick up my denalli, pay my 97 dollar vet bill PLUS a freakin collar thing around his neck that was another 8 bucks so he doesnt lick himself...kinda funny....so I*m standing there writing out the check and realize....oh shit...i locked the keys inthe car....brandon looks at me like..he*s gonna kill me...then i realize there*s hope...maybe I wont have to call the police...the spare...its in my fleece!!....I call Sam...then she calls me back minuts after..ummm amy, the spare is in your jacket pocket...IN YOUR CAR! So, with that said, I call the police...they inform me they no longer to lock outs OUT of the city...just so you people know I was like 1 mile out of the bloody city, SOOOO...here we are...Brandon all pissy, Denalli with this ridiculous cone shaped collar thing, and me on the phone with the wrecker in the vert parking lot while denalli is taking a massive piss. BAZAR...so half hour later, the wrecker comes, gets me in the car, I pay him 65 bucks...and then we srive home...i try to get out of the passenger door and OH LOOK..suprise...it*s broken...so the bastard wrecker people, a guy named joe, who unlocked my dooor....broke the fuhker...brandon then reminds me of his earlier comment...your day is going to go from bad to worse. THANX A LOT!!!! After we get home...ofcourse Brandon gets a phone call from one of his lil hockey players and now he has a meeting that MIGHT get him sent home....and I have to ask you, could this day get ANY worse....yes, yes it could....my computer complety crashed, so I had to call campaq and spend like an hour with these people who are supposed to hlp you but are from arabia or whaerever, so you cant understand a word they are saying....whats worse than gettin informtion to fix a computer over the phone??? Doing ALL that with somone who just learned how to speak english yesterday!!!!!!!!!So that was basically my day...I stayed in doors as much as I could after that...I did however make aother stop, but those actions must remain silent for a few more days, SOME of you know what I am talking about...but I can*t reveal anymore! hahaha....I*ll update more later..I gotta get in the shower...AHHHHHH

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Date: 02-03-04
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