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1:58 PM | 12-23-03

So i*m at my house, vacation time. Mum and I are already getting into minor fights. My mum, well at times, can be pretty aggravating, while I, am most of the time pretty laid back and try and make every situation a funny one. My dear mother, does not appreciate this. My dad, well, he*s got a temper, is stuck in like 1980 with the times, and still treats me like I am 11 years old. Has no idea how many guys I have dated, or know that I have dated, doesnt beleive boys can just be friends, has no idea how many piercings I have, doesnt belielve in pretty much anything. So, when he saw me, he asked immediatly if I had joined a cult. Why?? Becuase I had a bloody thumb ring. That*s my dad. Having parents liek this, I am expecting my first ulser anytime. Maybe a stroke. My brother, is getting married soon, the last one. Which moves me, right up to the top of the line. I am so afraid to see my relatives and have them asking the dreded question: "Soooooo, when are you planning on getting married?" My uncle thinks I am a lesbian because I can never settle with one guy longer than a few months, and the one relationship that did last longer than that ended in catastophe....sooo....this leaves us little to beleive otherwise I guess, well, in his opinion. Seeing my family means alot to me, but they are complicated. There are cliques, the witches, the trolls, and the laid back ones. There*s also a kitty table...meaning little kids. I head up the table. I think it*s my permanent position becuase of my refusal to grow up. I asked my mum once if I looked 21....she said this...and I quote. "well, you dont dress like one, you have every bloody abercrombie shirt they made this season, you eat jumk, you burp at the dinner table, you drive like you 16, you spend money liek it grows on trees, and you have no sence of where you are going in your life" Does that answer your question? My life is a mess, but I don*t knwo anyone who knows for sure, where they are going. I like who I am, I like the fact that I can get along with alomost everyone, however, if I dont like someone, i usually bite multiple holes in my lip when spending time with them. But, I digress....My parents informed me tat becuase of all the money that my brothers wedding is costing, I am not allowed to get married for 5 years. Is this the kind of thing parents tell there children>? My mum wants me to get married....I know....but when I think about myself getting married I think about the whole Jessica Simpson disaster. There is no guy out there who could possible handle me. I just dont see some things in my fututre. I*m a wild child. I know this. Why I am writing all this I will never know, things are just flowing through my head and reading these later make me remember all the things I once thought. So....yah....carpe diem....

P.S. I read today that Camern Diaz was paid 10 million bones to record her voice for took her 18 hours. How do you like them apples?

Surgery....February 19th....holy hell

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