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4:12 PM | 12-07-03

Here*s the thing about me..under pressure...I can deal with it two ways. Productively, or, Amylistically. *lol* Lots & lots has been going on. And while I would like to inform everyone, I can*t. Sorry. Not yet atleast. Too many people read this damn thing that cannot know my dirty lil secrets *devil horns* Shortly though, I will letcha know.

Anyway, moving on, Kristin, a good gal pal of mine is moving back home next week to go to school *tear* All I can say is I hope she finds what she looking for. I*m a tad bitter, but aren*t we all when we lose a friend to distance?

Exams are this week...fan-freakin-tastic. Not really looking forward to it, but i don*t think they will be THAT bad..BIO will prolly kick my @ss, but this is all predictable. I am leaving Friday morning for Ann Arbor to see Samantha!! And to go to her lil banquet thingy. Nalli baby is going in a Kennel. *tear* I have SOOOO much sh*t to do before then I had to make a bloody list!

As I stated before, pressure is building, and I handle each new development differently, I sometimes look at how I am handeling things and wonder if I am doing the right thing, am I feeling everything I should be feeling? So many questions...I wish there was someone out there looking in, someone who could tell me wether or not I am cruel, insenative, good, right, ect. My head is spinning, my heart is racing, and I feel that I am on the tips of my toes, ready to run. I really like Dido*s song "White Flag" I keep reading the lyrics, they are soooooo well done, clever.

Ugh, I feel like I should be typing more...oh, got my new extentions yesterday...i look like britney..*cringes* Blonde is NOT me...brown with blonde highlights, yes...brownish, yes. Something FunKy, yes. BLONDE....no. I have enough blonde moments in my life that i don*t feel I should have dyed my hair that color to remind myself and others that i can be retarded sometimes. Look at that, I learned something. Awwe yes, physical beauty has kicked my ass again. I*m thinking of dying red and brown streaks in it....sass it up a bit. Lemme know what ya think if you are reading this. Welp I*m off....don*t know where...oh yes...i*m contimplating changing this layout, I*m sick all to hell of it....and I*m not feelin all pinky and kissy anymore so there*s no use for it. SOOO....check back lata...it*ll be changed SOON! Peace out...

"I feel like I should of been charged to walk in the door, considering this place is a FrEaKin ZOO!!"

-ME...@ the Lambda Chi House...

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