and the sickness continues
11:37 PM | 11-07-03

WOW....I sound like a guy. Throat is just lubricated with snot and luggi*s the size of...well...they*re big. SUCKS....I do however have a new found respect for nasal may be pondering...why Amy? or where have you found such evidence or this miracular discovery? well, I asked the lovely pharmasist at Target, and he led me in the right direction. My nasal passages are free and clear now, and its wonderful....still have a sore throat though, and my head feels like it is going to explode at any time....but...atlleast I can breath!!! Hurray. So yah, I went and saw "Elf" tonight with Kortney and Megs, it was pretty good...the BEST part was what happened during that no one will experience. HA HA...theres a part in the movie, in the beginning where "Buddy: the Elf sees this girl in a store and he is telling her how beautiful she is....well....this is all going on...the theatre packed...and all of a sudden the whole theatre hears this sweeeeeeet lil girls voice "Oh they like eachother!" I swear to gawd my lil heart just trembled. Cutest thing ever. Looked back to see this lil 4yr old with long brown hair standing on her seat and pointing. It was just so adorable...not annoying...not in the way. COuld not have happened at a better moment. Sorry, but I had to share, it was just too cute.

Nick got here okay today and I havnt even seen the kid! Sucks sooo bad! But I really gotta stay in tonight....i have got to get better. Tomorrow i HAVE to go out, no buts....have to. Today was a pretty lil day, everything covered in a light snow in the morning and during the day the sun shined and made everything glow. Seeing that movie tonight and looking outside makes me excited for christmas. Then i remember of the untangling of the lights, the natorious ammounts of money spent, the singing, church, shopping, meetings, singing...more. UGH...Another christmas...and i will most likely be alone. It stung a lil last year, not having a boyfriend..this year I think i*ll be just fine. Being single this long has been weird...I mean....all my life I have always had a I have to ask..."Boyfriend? what the hell would I want one of those for?" Weird...Well I am off to bed...John Mayor is singing me to sleep...woo....peace out

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Date: 11-07-03
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