no more halloween *tear*
12:02 AM | 11-03-03

FIRST of all, I would just liek to say Viva La a funny ass show. I would like to take this time to recommend this for anyone*s viewing pleasure. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun....oh...and BAM*s rents kick @ss!

Secondly, about this weekend. Not NeArlY as fun as last year, BUT, not too bad I gotta say. It deffinetly had it*s perks?! hehe...It was awesome here in good 'ol Marquette. I swear, everyone takes part in the activities! SOOOOO many people dressin up and sh*t, while I, on the other hand opted to go for a more classy approach to this festive event. Okay okay, I went to the mall and bought a cute outfit instead of a retarded costume. yes, I know, I SUCK! Anyway, handed out candy and all that good stuff, carved pumpkins,and then got ready for the nigh to begin. While BAD went to his corny lil party, and I went out to the bars, BAD called just before wasted so I went to go pick up his ass and let Megan and Kort take over in adventures in babysitting. After hittin up upfront and shamrock, which equally sucked in my opinion, I went to a party and stayed for like an hour....kept thinkin about poor megan and Kort at home takin care of my wasted lil friend BAD, soooo...i went home...stayed up till 7AM talkin with BAD and watching the gameshow network. was nice, quiet...and while I wasn*t drunk....and I didnt dress up....nor make as ass outta myself...I still had an enjoyable time. The next morning I went outside with BAD to get a bagel on third, and looked at all the smashed pumpkins splattered on the roads....I though....(thankgawd those lil bastards didnt take my pumpkin and smash it to bits) and the sad sights of the pumpkin cemetary...the smells of pumpkin insides, and the crispy fall leaves kinda made me think...Halloween is a pretty damn cool holiday. Even if I didnt get to spend it in Salem (mum is there), even if I didnt dress up, I still had a blast! YAY! WEll...trick-or-treat...and tah tah for now!

Funny thing: Megs, Kort, and I met an interesting man...while handing out candy this drunk 40 sum year old came stumbling in our yard explaining to us that we should be..."TRICK-OR-DRINKING" as he was...uh....yah...maybe next year??

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