12:36 PM | 10-17-03

It*s October 17th, 2003 and I am finally 21. I cannot even begin to say how much fun I ad last night ringing in my b-day at midnight. We went to the Shamrock with megan kristin and kristen and the some more girls from my sorority. I couldn*t beleive how many people were there. We got there at like 10:30, so I had time to kill. So, I sipped some drinks, (illegally) haha...and danced my life away. Throught the night I got phone calls from all my really good friends and I can*t tell you how much that makes me wanna thank everyday for the friends that have come into my life. To care that much....Even my ex boyfriend Jared called! He*s my fav in the good ol ex boyfriend list. We danced and checked the clock every 5 minutes, and colser and closer it came to midnight. Not a minute to soon, lemme tell ya! Semmed like it took forever! :) With my sorority sisters standing around me, the music loud and wild and the place packed, they sang Happy Birthday, and Megan bought me my first shot. Ofcourse, she bought me the freakin worst one she could....FIRE!! Which I foutn out later was tequilla and tobasco sauce. CHRIST. After that I flagged the bartender for a HUGE glass of water becasue my esophagus was on fire!!!!!!! Haha...then I met these guys from switzerland and they sang to me in french happy birthday, well for all I know they could said go tell hell, but their singing was lovely and I was week in the knees cuz of their accent! I then went to the Upfront with Megs, cuz Kristen and Kristin are rookies hehee and they are to lil! I saw SOOOOO many people!!!!! It was awesome....partied there till 2, then went to Econo to get food with megan and cut my finger on somthing on the cash register, don*t ask I dont remember. I didn*t puke though! Woo-hoo!!! Partying in the U.P. has really formed me I guess in the drinking department. Haha...I swear, I have waited for this for sooo long! Today is gonna be even better! Michelle, Molly, Besu,Erin, and the rest of the crew are comming here and we*re going out to eat @ 5:30, then the hockey game. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!! DUUUUUUUDE....I could not be happier seriously. I know it*s gonan fly by fast....and before I knowit it*s gonna be over, so, i*m taking this for all it*s worth, and as I said before, it*s my time, and I*m making this moment mine. Hahaha....Thanx to everyone for being there for me last night, and forever...I know I am lucky to have such awesome friends. I couldn*t be happier right now. :) *Smilez*


AMY :*)

P.S. 21 BABY!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who aren*t yet, your time is comming, and lemme tell ya, it*s one HELL OF A TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! *MUAH*

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