almost time
7:58 PM | 10-16-03

IN 4 hours, it*ll be over. The end of an era. For the past oh i*d say 4 years I have ran from cops, hid at parties, and recieved one MIP, wreckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident. I*ve been to alot of parties, did alot of underage drinking, like everyone has!!! but, pretty soon it*s all gonna come to an end, NOT THE DRINKING PART, the legal part :) It*s so weird thinking that this birthday is really going to have a present, and from the wonderful state of Michigan! Haha, better appreciate this now, cuz the next lil present I have from the state is security?? Handicapped parking sticker? Senior Citizen discount? It*s weird, no more using the fake, no more wishing i was 21, cuz pretty soon here, I will be. I gotta say I*ve been lookign forward to this for a while...not when i started drinking cuz it really was fun then and I was still oblivious to so many things, like the actual risks of getting caught. But the last couple of years I have been ready, ready for this responsibility. I know it is a responsibility, and something I gotta take seriously. Weird though!!! AHHHH....I*ve looked in the mirror and the world is getting clearer, and time seems to be moving right along, faster than I expected. Tomorrow BAD and I and my close friends are all going out to eat, where I will officially be able to drink at the table. We*re then going to the hockey game, and then the bars!!!!!! AHHHH....I cannot wait. I always get a lil weird around my b-day though, things are just weird. Today was awesome, and i enjoyed the leaves all around me shuffling through the air and off the trees. Soon it*ll be winter, cold ass weather, and snow everywhere. So much to look forward to, and it comes oh so fast. I gotta wonder, where did it go? Where did all that time go that I thought I had? Sometimes I wish it didnt go so fast, scared that i might miss a moment, and it*ll pass. I know it sounds all gushy but I try and take in everything because I know someday it may not be there. Right now, i*m taking it all in. No matter what the outcome...taking it all in. I*ve made up with alot of people this week that we had bitter endings and I couldnt feel better about myself. I went to all my classes this week, took all my tests, cleaned, tanned, called everyone back, and did all i could to make this week worth it, so I could have one hell of a celebration this weekend, and now its here!! So rock on...and I couldn*t be happier. So peace out all you rookies, your time will come soon, and to all of the legal contenders, i will see you soon, cuz @ midnight, i*m goin out man!!! and I*m freakin out!! WOO-freakin-hoo!!



Beginnings are scary, Endings are usually sad, but it*s the middle that counts the most.

I shoud have known better, I shouldn*t have wasted those days and afternoons an mornings I threw them all away, now, this is my time, and I*m gonna make this moment mine.

DiRty StuFf || All ClEaN!!


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Date: 10-16-03
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